Mag Pouch Run Down (Pistol Edition)


While sorting through my various pieces of gear during Spring cleaning this year, I surprised myself by how the wide variety of magazine pouch I had laying around. Throughout the last few years, I’ve bought mag pouch after mag pouch trying to satisfy different demands when carrying spare pistol magazines. It dawned on me that mag pouches are a lot like holsters; there is no perfect option for every situation. Different mag pouches have served me in a variety of different capacities. This leads me to do a rundown on the wide variety of pouches I own. We can talk pros and cons, as well as versatility, comfort, concealment, and retention.

Bravo Concealment Mag Pouch

Bravo Concealment is mostly known for their holsters, but their magazine pouches come in both rifle and pistol varieties. The best thing about these magazine pouches is that they are custom molded for each magazine. This ups the retention for your chosen magazine and allows you to fit odd sized magazines that might not squeeze in most universal double stack magazines. Since they are custom molded, you need to purchase one for your hand orientation.

Bravo Concealment Mag Pouch

Purpose Built for each magazine

Retention is already top-notch due to the custom molding, but you can also adjust the retention via a single screw to increase it as much as possible. The Bravo Concealment mag pouch is positioned just away from the body which makes retrieving the magazine quick and easy. The downside is it’s a little bulky, however, it is still concealable. It’s also comfortable and doesn’t rub or poke.

HSGI Polymer Taco

The HSGI Taco pouches are classic tactical magazine pouches that are inherently adjustable and fit a wide variety of magazines. I have the HSGI Polymer Taco with the brand’s own HSGI Clip. These are designed to attach to either your standard belt or to MOLLE gear. The Polymer Taco fits every mag I tossed at it, this includes Glock mags, CZ mags, single-stack 9mm magazines, and the classic 1911 magazine. The HSGI Taco magazine pouch adjusts via a bungee cord. The mesh of bungee cord and polymer keeps retention high and does not allow the magazine to move a hair.

HSGI Polymer Taco

Belt or MOLLE Compatible

The tops are flared for easy insertion and the magazines come out in a flash. It’s actually very low profile and the pouch is superbly small. HSGI’s polymer pistol magazine holder is comfortable to carry but it does keep the magazine tighter to your body. This causes it to rub and irritate slightly. It will also move on any belt below 2 inches. This isn’t a big deal for me and my normal belt, but women typically wear thinner belts and this may be an issue.

If you’re putting together a duty rig or “war belt” of some kind, you might be interested in the Triple Taco mag pouch or their “Double Decker” pistol rifle mag pouch combo.

HSGI Polymer Taco

Fits them all

Fast Mag Belt Mag Pouch

The Fast Mag belt pistol pouch is a major standard bearer in my arsenal. It’s been a favorite of mine for some time because the name Fast Mag isn’t just a name. It’s honestly the fastest to access belt pouch I have ever used. The orientation of the magazine inside the pouch is odd, but it works. The Fast Mag Belt Pouch I have is an older model, but I’m not sure if much has changed. The Fast Mag pouch best fits double stack magazine pouches, but it will squeeze in a 1911 magazine. Single stacks seem to move left and right in the pouches when snagged.

Fast Mag Belt Mag Pouch

The Fast Mag lives up to its name

So what is the downside? They are big and bulky. They are not designed for concealment and this is very apparent. The Fast Mag pouch will hide under a shirt, but it sticks out further than most of my OWB holsters for guns. Keep that in mind. But damn is it fast.

Blue Force Gear Single Pistol Mag Pouch

What makes the Blue Force Gear Mag Pouch so different than the other models on this list is the fact it is made from elastic and ULTRAcomp. This pouch is also unique in that it can be worn either horizontally or vertically. Wearing it horizontally is an amazing way to conceal the pouch and maximizes concealment. The pouch will disappear. The elastic is also very high quality and retains your magazine very well. It holds it tight and keeps it from slipping.

Blue Force Gear Single Pistol Mag Pouch

Absolutely Invisible

The BFG Mag Pouch has a few problems, though. First, it’s tough to fit bigger double stack magazines in the pouch. For example, the thick plastic of Glock magazines makes this a very tight fit. However, it’s perfect for single stack magazines like the Walther PPS, Glock 43, and etc. Drawing from the pouch is somewhat slow, and it’s not nearly as intuitive as standard mag pouches.

Blue Force Gear Single Pistol Mag Pouch

Fits most, but not all

Warlord Tactical Party Pouch

I reviewed this model a few months back and it’s very unique in its design. This IWB mag pouch is made from polymer and is designed for extended Glock magazines. It allows you to carry a 33 round magazine concealed without much issue. The Party Pouch is unique in its design. It takes concealment and firepower to a whole other level.

Warlord Tactical Party Pouch

33 Rounds never concealed so easily

As an IWB design retention is outstanding and the mag is staying put no matter what. Carrying a 33 round magazine is tough, but the Warlord Party Pouch is pretty good at it. Comfort isn’t as high as the others as it is an IWB design, and a 33 round mag will poke. However, what other option is there for those big happy sticks?

Warlord Tactical Party Pouch

Nothing beats a good Glock. And they’re all good.

Wilder Tactical Mag Pouch

The Wilder Tactical magazine pouch is another pouch made from both bungee cords and modern polymers. The bungee cords pulls the polymer together and this allows you to fit any way you want. This includes double stack magazines, single stack 9mm magazines, 1911 magazines, and standard metal double stacks. It fits everything you can put in it. The Wilder Tactical Mag Pouch is not the most concealable mag pouch, as it is made from duty rather than concealment. However, you can reload very fast from this design since it is pushed away from the body.

Wilder Tactical Mag Pouch

Fits them all well.

It holds the magazines in quite tight and is perfect for daily carry. Best of all the magazine pouch is adaptable and you can change the attachment method for Tek Lok to a standard belt clip, or MOLLE Lok components. The Wilder Tactical mag pouch is bulky but well made, versatile, and quite comfortable.

Uncle Mike’s Mag Pouch

This simple polymer square doesn’t have a lot going for it. It’s ultra cheap and very simple, but it has issues. First, while drilling reloads for this article the two pieces became unattached. See the photo to see what I mean. They snapped back together, but it’s disheartening. It will squeeze in a Glock magazine well, but a double stack metal magazine feels loose and does not retain well. It falls out.

Uncle Mike's Mag Pouch

Came apart with minimal use

The magazine pouch does don easily enough and is removed easily. It also conceals well, but I think is best left for range use.

Uncle Mike's Mag Pouch

Retention is Not Great

The NSR Pocket Magazine Carrier

This is a great little magazine carrier if you think normal magazine pouches are uncomfortable. Its made entirely from polymer and is designed to fit in your front pocket. This makes it absolutely invisible and conceals a full-length double stack magazine completely. The Pocket Mag Pouch is designed for Glock magazines but will fit double stack magazines of all kinds. The retention is very loose, but the fact the PMC is in your pocket means the pouch will stay right where it needs to be.

The NSR Pocket Magazine Carrier

Fits and Disappears

The pouch retains well, is comfortable and is basically invisible, but it does have a downside. Reloading from this pouch is somewhat slow and you have to relearn how to reload when using a pocket magazine carrier. The other downside is the fact you lose out on a pocket, so keep that in mind. It is well made and does function as promised. It will, on occasion, come out of your pocket while drawing, but in a gunfight, this is the least of your worries.

The NSR Pocket Magazine Carrier

Sometimes it comes out

Mag Pouch Run Down

This isn’t a comprehensive mag pouch rundown since there are literally hundreds of them out there. This is a good taste of the different types out there though, and these are a few in my collection. Do our readers have any suggestions? If so, I’d like to know what you guys think? Any I should add to my collection?

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner, a lifelong firearms enthusiast, and now a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is the world’s Okayest firearm’s instructor.

  • James Rodgers

    Excellent run-down. The sheer number of magazine options available can confuse new shooters…plus it gets expensive and tedious to just keep trying magazines till you find one that works.

    The retailers are, of course, reluctant to publish anything critical of manufacturers, and I think most will not publish too-critical reviews.

    So, THANKS.


  • James Bryant

    I recommend the Kydex horizontal mag pouch from I own several and they are fast to access and avoid the disadvantages of a vertical magazine poking your ribs or side.

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  • Duke Nukem

    I use several different nylon and leather mag pouches to carry various folding knives, the belt clips are much more convenient than the loops found on knife sheaths, and with care you can get a good/secure fit