Glock 19X Magazine Question: What mags will fit the G19X?

What magazines fit in the 19X? It’s a question we’re frequently asked, particularly given the hang-up caused on otherwise perfectly suitable mags by the baseplate. The plate at the bottom of some magazines interrupts a solid seating in the mag well — but the magazine body itself fits flush and smooth.

Anway, The answer is simple: you have lots of options for a suitable Glock 19X magazine, and more still if you spend a couple of bucks to replace the base pads.

BLUF: If your magazine works in a previous generation of Glock, it will work in your G19X…


for the baseplate of the Gen 5 mags (which themselves can be switched out most ricky-tick).

If you’re wondering what the G19X is and how it’s different than the G19 (and perhaps from some other models of Glock 9mm), we’ve got answers for ya.

Magpul 17 round Glock PMAG is compatible with the Glock 19X.

Chances are, if you already own a Glock 19, some or all of the mags you have will fit the 19X. For instance, the Magpul 17 round Glock PMAG (shown here) is compatible with the Glock 19X. Note: you do need to double-check extended base plates and magazine extensions to ensure they’ll seat.The lanyard loop (which is a manifestation of the Glock 19X’s relationship to the Army’s Modular Handgun System) will very likely get in the way. Of course, if you don’t need the lanyard loop, it isn’t hard to remove.

Gen 4 Glock 19 magazine compared to Glock 19X OEM mag.
Gen 4 Glock 19 magazine compared to Glock 19X OEM mag.
Seating an ETS Glock 19 mag in the G19X.
Seating an ETS Glock 19 mag in the G19X.

Of course, you can always just get yourself some factory manufactured OEM Glock 19X magazines. but you might want to look into more options like the 19-round, 24-round, or even the 33-round extendo. Also, ten-round mags are available for capacity-restricted states.

17 round capacity Glock 19X magazine
The 17 round capacity OEM G19X mag.
19 round Glock 19X magazine
The 19 round capacity Glock 19X magazine manufactured by Glock.
Glock 9mm 24-Round Factory Magazine
Glock 9mm 24-Round Factory Magazine.
Glock 9mm 33-round extended magazine that will work with Glock 19x.
The 33-round extended magazine isn’t going to help your Glock 19X’s concealability any, but that wasn’t one of the design goals anyway.
10 round capacity mag for the 19X
10 round capacity mag for the 19X in capacity-restricted states.

Watch this video to learn more about Glock 19X magazine compatibility.

Glock 19X FAQs

What’s the point of the Glock 19X? 

Although the concealed carry crowd grumbles about it, the G19X was designed for a very specific end-user. In fact, it was first revealed to the world as the Glock MHS (Modular Handgun System)—a competitor for the Army’s XM17 MHS standard-issue sidearm contract. It was not designed to be a concealed carry firearm. Rather, it was intended to be a standard-issue sidearm, carried outside and below the bulky armor on guys in confined spaces. (Think helicopters and amphibious assault vehicles stacked 20 soldiers deep, sitting on flat seats without much space to move around in.)

They needed two things: a shorter slide for a faster draw, and greater capacity without an extended baseplate. A full-sized grip was necessary to get that kind of capacity, so Glock produced its first ‘crossover’ pistol—the MHS, which was basically the love-child of the G19 and G17. The Glock MHS had the G19 slide and barrel on a G17 frame.

Eventually, Sig won the contract with the P320, but Glock wasn’t done with the MHS. They removed the manual thumb safety and optic cut and renamed it the 19X.

What is a Crossover pistol? 

Basically, a Crossover pistol is a hybrid that combines certain features of two separate platforms. In the case of the 19X, Glock matched the G19 all-metal slide, dust cover, and Glock Marksman Barrel with the full-size G17 polymer frame. The X in “19X” stands for “Crossover” with the combination of two different frame-size dimensions (full and compact).

What’s the difference between a Glock 19 and a 19X? 

There are several differences between the two, but one of the predominant differences is the size and concealability. The Glock 19 is small enough for everyday concealability but large enough to use as a duty pistol. The 19X, on the other hand, is not designed for concealed carry since it was originally designed to be used out of a duty holster for sidearm use.

Since the G19X has the larger G17 grip length, it has more surface area for a more stable grip and better recoil control during multiple shot strings. Folks with larger hands appreciate the fit of the larger grip while still benefitting from the shorter G19 slide. So basically, the G19X is a Glock 19 with a more solid grip and an increase in factory magazine capacity by two to four rounds.

There are also similarities between the two. Since the 19X has the same slide and dust cover dimensions, it is compatible with any aftermarket product designed for use with the Gen 5 G19 upper half. Also, you don’t lose anything in terms of velocity with the half-inch shorter barrel, but you are gaining a little bit in speed, clearance, and size reduction.

What generation is the Glock 19X? 

It’s a Gen 5 with Gen 5 features, including the Glock Marksman Barrel, nDLC finish, ambidextrous slide stop lever, flared magwell, and the grips are made without finger grooves.

Will Glock 19X take Glock 17 mags?

Yes, except for the Gen5 mags, which have baseplates that extend out past the front strap protuberance, preventing them from seating into the magwell. It’s not a huge issue though, because the base plates can be swapped out for something that will fit, like these:

Tyrant Designs Glock Magazine Extensions for Glock 19X.
These baseplates install in as little as ten seconds and offer an increased capacity of +5 rounds in 9mm magazines.

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