Frank Woods is a ten year veteran of Gotham City PD1 and a devoted scholar of Hoplology.  In addition to the experience gained during his tenure, he has amassed a considerable amount of training time beyond what his agency provides to its rank and file. This is as much a reflection of his enthusiasm for learning and honing techniques and mindset as it is a desire to enhance his ability to serve and protect. If you're on Facebook much, check out his discussion group, Tactics & Applications. 1 His agency's policy and procedures (and a desire for PERSEC) prevent the use of the real agency and name. GMW has vetted him, however.

INSPIRED: Rifle Types for Regular Guys

Get confused with the acronyms surrounding different rifle types? Yeah, same. But this categorical system for nomenclature might just clear things up!

SNOT Show 2021: not-SHOT and its impact on the NSSF

What do you know about the NSSF - and the NSSF PAC? The cancellation of SHOT 2021 had a big impact on the fight against gun control.

Bringing Skunkworks Back: Armalite AR-10A2 Carbine Revival

I wanted to make an XM177-style AR-308 carbine as a big brother to my Blood Diamond gun, with modern specs in mind. Doing this meant I would have to overcome the obstacles presented by there being no standardized spec among AR-308s and join two separate specs into one functioning rifle. This AR-10A2 project was a […]

T46: “What if the AR-10 won the M14 trials?” A 10 year AR10 project

Read about Woods' Art Gun project, the T46, based on the Brownells BRN-10A reproduction of the Dutch/Sudanese AR-10, with some parts switched out. This 10-year project was based on the concept of “What if the AR10 was a WWII/Korea/Vietnam gun in US service?”

Custom Glock 19X Division Style: the “Primary Secondary”

This customized Glock 19X is Frank Woods' first choice for a secondary weapon. In daylight, darkness or under night vision, it's ready to rock.

Neo-Retro 21st Century AR-180: born of the BRN 180

Looking to build a Neo-Retro AR-180 "Art Gun"? Start with a Brownells BRN-180 URG (once they're available) then follow these guidelines.

3 Art Guns for your edification: Concepts, clones, and classics

What's an "art gun"? It can be speculative, as in "what if", it can be a faithful reproduction or even a modernized classic. Take a read and see what we're doing.

Home defense blaster basics: what to use, and why (one professional’s opinion)

What's the best gun for home defense? That's a question very often asked (and just as often hotly debated). In this primer, one of our crew provides his answer(s) to the question, and why he feels the way he does. Your opinion, and the next guy's, and your mileage, will likely all vary — but it's never a bad thing to research and discuss a topic of this importance, even if you disagree. That's how learning occurs.  

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