Fifty Shades of FDE is a full-time LEO in California with about a decade's service in a very large metropolitan agency. He’s a husband, father, and firearms enthusiast. He is a supporter of the Second Amendment and a proponent of law-abiding citizens’ right to defend themselves with concealed carry permits. He runs his @fiftyshadesofFDE page on Instagram and writes gun/gear reviews on - when he's not writing for The Mag Life, of course.

Tactical Rifleman: How to Use Red Dots at Night

Red dots have a learning curve but with training, the advantages over iron sights are quickly apparent. Tactical Rifleman has some pointers.

New Vertx Jeans: Defiance & Burrell

These new Vertx jeans look like a regular set of jeans, which means they already accomplished their purpose of keeping a low profile.

Maxim Defense MD11

Maxim Defense is switching gears from close-range engagement platforms to a much longer range platform, with the Maxim Defense MD11.

Premier Body Armor: Eclipsys Cooling Panel and Stratis Enhanced Plate

Premier Body Armor had two versions of the Stratis Enhanced Plate armor plates at SHOT Show 2022 and introduced "Eclipsys Cooling" tech, too.

HRT LBAC: Load Bearing Adaptable Carrier

HRT Tactical's newest PC is like the RAC on steroids. Here's a rundown of the HRT LBAC (Load Bearing Adaptable Carrier) Plate Carrier.

New Holosun WML: the P.ID

Holosun didn't disappoint this year at SHOT. Along with some new red dots, they also came out with this new weapon-mounted light, the P.ID.

B&T’s New PCC: the SPC9 (Special Purpose Carbine) Series

B&T has officially launched its all-new SPC9 series in the USA — with features from various weapon systems developed from around the world. 

Mantis X10 Elite for Dry Fire Practice

The X10 Elite is the latest model from Mantis X. It's used for Dry Fire Practice for improving firearms fundamentals. Check it out.

Polenar Tactical unveils “The Machine”

There's a new guy at Polenar Tactical and they call him "The Machine." Watch him blast his way through the Mozambique Drill and more.

Forgotten Weapons on the Heat Firefight

Ever wonder what you'd get if Ian McCallum of Forgotten Weapons decided to reenact some of the best scenes from the film Heat? Here ya go.

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