Daniel has been in law enforcement for nearly 15 years. During his career he has worked for a large Sheriff’s department in Nevada on such assignment as detention, courts, court transport, patrol, and S.W.A.T. He is currently a full-time rangemaster. Daniel has numerous firearms, tactics and instructor certifications, to include: handgun, shotgun, carbine, less lethal, force on force, low light, certified armorer, basic and advanced S.W.A.T. schools. He has instructed many students for LMS Defense and is one of the founder-owners of Crucible Consulting. Follow or connect via Instagram, @crucible_consultants.

C&H Precision Optics: Comp, Duty, and EDC

C&H Precision is known for quality mounting plates. Range time indicates the same high quality goes into their new red dot sights as well.

Stories From the Squad Car: Biker Shooting

As a newer patrol officer, this was the first major news-making event of my career. I remember seeing the national news covering the incident and thinking, that happened in my town. I learned a ton from this incident. Most of all I learned to keep my cool and mental preparedness helps in a dangerous environment.

Black Belt for Firearms Trainers

Demand for firearms instructors is increasing, but are the standards to become one thorough enough? Let's take a look at how the martial arts raise up their trainers.

Wiser Precision Quick Stix Shooting Sticks

These three items from Wiser Precision help you make shooting sticks so you can reduce the weight of your gear and save space.

Red Dot Mount Review: Glock 19 MOS and CHPWS V4s

The V4 and V4 Defender Glock red dot mount plates from CHPWS increase the strength of your Glock MOS mounting system. Check 'em out!

Aimpoint Comp M5: A Red Dot Sight Review

According to Bales, the Aimpoint Comp M5 is rugged as all hell, with a lineup of great features. The optic is lightweight and rugged. Working through the optic is easy, and the glass is clear.

Primos Trigger Sticks: a Range Gear Review

A little shooting support can be handy. I tried out Primos Trigger Sticks and found them easy to use, fast to employ, and quiet when it matters. For stalking big game, sitting on a perimeter without good support, plinking, or zeroing your rifle, Primos Trigger Sticks should be placed in your kit. They are easy to use, fast to employ, and work in multiple ways. Check them out!

Safariland UBL Destruction — One Way To Condense Your Range Load

I wanted to reduce the number of items I take on a trip to the range. Here's how I attached a Tek-Lok to my Safariland UBL. So far it's my favorite option.

EDC flashlight: why you should carry a handheld and some lights to consider

Your EDC flashlight should include a handheld light for many reasons, not just tactical. Here are some good options to look at when considering a light for your EDC gear.

Steiner Optics LPVO: the Steiner P4Xi

Daniel Bales discusses the Steiner P4Xi riflescope. It's a compact, tactical optic (LPVO) built for patrol rifles and similar AR platforms.

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