The Top Five PCCS of Shot 2022

When I say the best PCCs of SHOT, I need you to understand that the best PCCs of SHOT is a very broad term, at least for this article. Honestly, I saw a ton of pistol caliber stuff that’s not a traditional pistol that I loved. I couldn’t come up with a better title, so if you can figure one out, drop it below, and if it fits, I’ll change the title. Maybe PCC will stand for Pistol Caliber Crap instead of pistol caliber carbine. So without further ado, let’s look at the best PCCs of SHOT that aren’t all necessarily PCCs.

5. Meta Tactical Apex

See, the Meta Tactical Apex isn’t even a gun, but it’s one of my favorite PCCs of SHOT. It’s technically a stock system and 16-inch barrel that converts your Glock pistol into a bullpup carbine. How? Well, magic, duh. Okay, not really. With the Apex kit, you toss your Glock in the ass end with a 16-inch barrel, and bam, you got a bullpup carbine complete that’s no longer a pistol but a rifle.

Meta Tactical Apex Glock Carbine Bullpup
Yep, it makes your Glock a carbine and a bullpup.

With the stock extended, it’s just over 26 inches long. On top, you can add optics, magnifiers, lights, or whatever else you want. On the sides of the Meta Tactical Apex sits some M-LOK slots to mount accessories and awesomeness. The Meta Tactical Apex kit gives you a short and sweet 9mm carbine that uses the handgun you already have.

Meta Tactical Apex Glock carbine kit
It’s light, handy, and very ergonomic.

Glocks will be the first guns targeted, but the company promises to expand into S&W, Springfield, 1911s, and more shortly. When I first heard of the Meta Tactical Apex, I’ll admit that I thought it was stupid. Then I handled one. I spoke with the company’s founders, saw it explained, and I’m all in.

4. FG 9

The German small arms industry in WW2 created several innovative firearms. It’s tough to admit, but the enemies of democracy produced some very nice weapons. One is the FG 42. This quasi infantry automatic rifle was fascinating with tons of unique features. Today, we are looking at a modern recreation of the gun in 9mm. Yep, a 9mm FG 42, known as the FG 9.

The FG 42 was cool and weird, and the FG 9 promises to be smaller and lighter, but just as weird.
The FG 42 was cool and weird, and the FG 9 promises to be smaller and lighter, but just as weird.

The FG 9 is much smaller, lighter, and more compact than the FG 42. It uses a simple blowback operated design paired with a Colt SMG magazine to give you the FG 42 look and feel without the FG 42 cost. Global Defense is importing the firearms, and I can’t help but love them.

The FG 9 will come in two variants with slightly different barrel lengths.
The FG 9 will come in two variants with slightly different barrel lengths.

The FG 9 might be my personal favorite of the PCCs from SHOT. It might not be the most useful gun, but it’s one of the coolest. Objectively I couldn’t place it higher on the list because of personal love, but I wanted to.

3. POF Phoenix

Patriot Ordnance Factory unveiled their own 9mm AR-type subgun. It’s not technically a carbine, and it’s an AR pistol that’s in 9mm. That’s nothing new, but what is new is the fact it lacks a buffer tube. Instead, the buffer is entirely contained inside the upper receiver.

Patriot Ordnance Factory Pheonix PCC
Eliminating the buffer tube is an interesting choice.

The lack of a buffer makes the Phoenix completely accessible to folding stocks or braces. POF equipped the Phoenix with 1913 rail for all the SIG braces you could ever want. There are plenty of options currently on the market. The Phoenix provides a super light gun that’s small, handy, and unlike none of the other PCCs of SHOT.

Patriot Ordnance Factory Phoenix PCC
The Phoenix has risen.

The front charging handle is at the front, much like an MP5. The charging handle can be swapped from side to side. On top of that, the controls are ambidextrous, and it’s super ergonomic. The magazine release is all AR 15, but the magazine is not. It’s a new proprietary magazine with a curve, much like an MP5. The Phoenix is a sweet little subgun, and I want to get my hands on one.

2. Angstadt Arms MDP-9

Angstadt Arms swung into Range Day with the MDP-9. This quasi AR-like platform takes things in a different direction. We get a roller delayed design instead of a direct blowback or gas system. This particular roller delayed weapon eliminates the need for the buffer tube. Sadly they wouldn’t let me take pictures of the guts, but I got to throw lead with one.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 PCC at SHOT Show 2022
The charging handle is very MP5-like.

You do get a 1913 rail to attach stock or braces to. They eliminated the AR-style charging handle and went with an MP5 type handle forward of the receiver. It’s non-reciprocating and can be reversed for right or left-handed use. The Angstadt Arms MDP-9 recoils very lightly, barely moves between shots, and is stupid accurate. I picked off a tiny, reduced-sized man-shaped target at 50 yards with ease with a red dot.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 PCC
A roller-delayed AR-like platform? Yes, please.

The roller delayed system is becoming more popular for PCCs, and it was tough not to make this my top choice for PCCs of SHOT 2022. It’s a sweet shooter that embraces a good mix of AR 15 with a little of its own thing. Oh, and yes, it takes Glock magazines.

1. B&T SPC9

Here we are, hands-on with all these wonderful PCCs of SHOT, and how do I choose my best? Well, that’s not super easy, but let’s call it a feeling! Well, it’s more than that. I chose the SPC9 for a lot of reasons. First, it comes in three different variations, including two different SBRs and a Title 1 carbine model.

The SPC-9 is areal sweet shooter and it earns the Top Spot.

The ergonomics are to die for. This gun mixes up the MP5, the AR 15, and the B&T APC. We get an MP5 charging handle and a AR 15 charging handle, and they are both functional. The receiver keeps the awesome ergos of the APC family with ambidextrous everything. Like the APC, you can use a B&T lower, a Glock mag lower, or a Sig lower to change the magazine configuration.

B&T SPC9 Shot Show 2022 Industry Range Day
B&T SPC9 Shot Show 2022 Industry Range Day.

At Range Day, the SPC9 chugged along. They were both suppressed and handled very well. The SPC9 is a little better balanced than the APC series and is soft shooting. Inside sits a hydraulic buffer to reduce recoil, and it’s super sweet to shoot. It’s also accurate, easy to handle, and fun to shoot. I might want one for PCC Steel Challenge matches.

The Best PCCs of SHOT

There are tons and tons of PCCs at SHOT. They seem to grow and remain quite popular continually. Picking five was tough, but I managed the trudge my way through it. These are my best PCCs of SHOT, but did you see anything in a pistol caliber that’s not quite a pistol that deserves to be on the list? If so, do my job for me and tell us below!

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner and a lifelong firearms enthusiast. Now that his days of working a 240B like Charlie Parker on the sax are over he's a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is probably most likely the world's Okayest firearm instructor. He is a simplicisist when it comes to talking about himself in the 3rd person and a self-professed tactical hipster. Hit him up on Instagram, @travis.l.pike, with story ideas.

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