The New Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus

Smith & Wesson just released the newest model in the M&P Shield family. With a capacity of 10+1 or 13+1, the M&P Shield Plus is the highest capacity micro-compact S&W has ever made—all in a slim frame.

The new Shield Plus lineup is available in a standard model or Performance Center models with a choice of optics-ready slides or Crimson Trace red dot sights. This new pistol is designed for concealed carry, and according to S&W—it’s the most advanced M&P Shield pistol to date.

M&P Shield Plus, standard and Performance Center.
The Shield Plus is available in 9mm in a variety of configurations, including Performance Center models with all of the enhancements of standard models, plus porting, fiber optic sights, longer slides, and optics cuts. 

Here’s more information, directly from the company:

The M&P Shield Plus features the hallmark 18-degree grip angle of the M&P pistol series for a natural point of aim, helping to better manage recoil and get back on target quickly. Standard M&P Shield Plus pistols include a variety of features, including a flat-face trigger…

S&W M&P Shield Plus flat faced trigger.

….a new, optimized grip texture designed for concealed carry…

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus grip
 Shield Plus grip.

…and two magazines: an extended 13+1 round magazine and a flush-fit 10+1 round magazine.

S&W M&P Shield Plus magazine gif
The standard magazine holds 10-rounds (a viable option for states with mag capacity restrictions), and the extended magazine boosts it to 13 rounds.  

“We’re excited to announce the next evolution of the M&P Shield pistol – the M&P Shield Plus. Packed with popular features such as a flat-face trigger, large capacity magazine, optics cuts, and more, the M&P Shield Plus product line has been designed to meet the needs of today’s firearm consumer. With over three million M&P Shield pistols sold in the past decade, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is a proven, reliable platform with the ability to stand the test of time – and best of all, the new M&P Shield Plus pistols are rolling out to retailers across the country now.” `Kyle Tengwall, Vice President of Marketing. 

As of this writing, the MSRP on the new pistol starts at $553. Find out more at Smith & Wesson.

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