The Mag Fed Remington 870: A Practical Update to a Timeless Classic

Looking for the latest twist on an old classic? Remington Arms Company recently announced it would now offer versions of the 870 pump shotgun that feed from detachable box magazines. These new guns are designated with a “DM” after the model name.

Of course, shotguns that feed from detachable magazines are not a new thing. The Saiga-12 is probably the most successful gun of this type. However, others like the Fostech Origin-12, Molot VEPR 12, Panzer Arms AR12 and Standard Manufacturing SKO-12 are just a few of the modern scatterguns that exist and have garnered quite a few fans. There are even aftermarket adaptor kits that can convert an 870 into a box magazine feeder.

Remington 870 DM Hardwood
While the detachable magazine shotgun may not be a new concept, it is fairly significant for Remington to offer such a thing. The 870 is seen by many people as the gold standard in pump shotguns. Many are still carried in patrol cars around the United States, and I suspect more than a few are kept next to the bed at night. Changing how the gun feeds is a big step for the company, and any problems with the reliability of these guns could permanently tarnish the outstanding reputation of the platform.

Remington 870 DM Predator

The new guns will be offered in a number of variants. The base model has the plain black furniture that is common to most self-defense and law enforcement variants. Remington also offers a Hardwood model that replaces the black synthetic stock and fore-end with versions made of actual wood.

Additional model variations include a Predator model and a Tactical model. The Predator features a thumbhole stock, Kryptek Highlander camo pattern and XS Ghost Ring sights. The Tactical model is all black with a pistol grip and XS Ghost Ring sights. It also adds a ported choke.

Remington 870 DM Tactical

The one that interests me the most in this bunch is the Magpul model. This shotgun uses the Magpul SGA stock and fore-end. With its M-LOK attachment points, the fore-end allows for the easy addition of a white light which is something I see as being very important on a defensive shotgun. It also has Ghost Ring sights – something that I find work very well on shotguns – and a rail for adding a red dot.

Remington 870 DM Magpul

All of the guns will feed from 3- and 6-round magazines. It appears that all of the guns will ship with a 6-round magazine, and the Predator model will have an additional 3-round magazine.

Pricing isn’t cheap. The base and Hardwood models list for $529. The other models start at $799.

Richard is a writer with a background in law enforcement and sports photography. In addition to his work in the firearms industry, he writes in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. More of his work can be found at GunsHolstersAndGear

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