A History and Timeline of the Second Amendment in America

The Second Amendment has weathered nearly two and a half centuries as a pillar of American Freedom. Here's a list of significant 2A events.

Constitutional Carry: What is it? Is it Permitless Carry?

Does your state have Constitutional Carry? What is Permitless Carry? How are they different? This should clear up some questions.

Breaking: Restraining Order Issued Against New York’s Carry Law

The State of New York has three business days in which to consult the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals before the order takes effect.

NICS Denial or Delay? Your Address is Now Reported to the Cops

According to the new NICS policy, if you’re denied approval, or even delayed, the FFL is required to report your home address to the ATF for investigation.

Bill Introduced to Raise Gun Excise Tax

Congressmen Bill Pascrell and Danny Davis have introduced a bill to raise the gun and ammunition excise tax across the board. The Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act would use that extra money “to create guaranteed annual funding for gun violence prevention.” The bill’s sponsors claim the bill “is an important step in ensuring […]

Bruen Strikes Again: Part of Form 4473 Ruled Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court's Bruen Decision continues to affect gun laws nationwide. A federal judge has now ruled part of Form 4473 unconstitutional.

Chris Jacobs Introduces “Assault Weapons” Licensing Bill

Retiring New York Congressman Chris Jacobs has introduced an "assault weapons" licensing scheme. Here's what we know so far.

Dick Heller Beats DC Again

Dick Heller has triumphed over Washington, DC's draconian gun laws once more, showing us the way forward on arbitrary ammunition limitations.

DC v Heller — What, When, and Why it Matters

DC v Heller ruling is the most famous Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment. Do you understand what it was and why it matters?

Claiming Sanctuary: Are 2A Sanctuary States Realistic?

Second Amendment sanctuary states have caught on like wildfire, but are they realistic? Let's take a closer look at the legal implications.

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