Bruen Strikes Again: Part of Form 4473 Ruled Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court's Bruen Decision continues to affect gun laws nationwide. A federal judge has now ruled part of Form 4473 unconstitutional.

Chris Jacobs Introduces “Assault Weapons” Licensing Bill

Retiring New York Congressman Chris Jacobs has introduced an "assault weapons" licensing scheme. Here's what we know so far.

Dick Heller Beats DC Again

Dick Heller has triumphed over Washington, DC's draconian gun laws once more, showing us the way forward on arbitrary ammunition limitations.

DC v Heller — What, When, and Why it Matters

DC v Heller ruling is the most famous Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment. Do you understand what it was and why it matters?

Claiming Sanctuary: Are 2A Sanctuary States Realistic?

Second Amendment sanctuary states have caught on like wildfire, but are they realistic? Let's take a closer look at the legal implications.

The AR Ban of 1994: What, When, and How

In 1994, former President Bill Clinton signed the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, an AR ban. What was it, really?

Congressional Gun Control Advocates’ Outrageous Accusations

The Congressional gun control charade was front and center at the House Oversight and Rules Committee Hearing.

The Gun Controllers’ Eli Dicken Problem

Eli Dicken singlehandedly stopped an active shooter at an Indiana mall. So why are gun control groups not celebrating what he did?

Bruen Decision Fuels Legal Challenges Nationwide

The Supreme Court's Bruen Decision is rippling through the judicial system. Pro-gun organizations are taking the offensive everywhere.

Senate Confirms Steve Dettelbach as New ATF Director

Steve Dettelbach has been confirmed as the new ATF Director. Who is he and what can we expect from the ATF moving forward?

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