Mouse Guns Are Dead And PHLster Killed Them

Mouse guns are dead, and an American holster company killed them. How so? Why? Is Travis full of it? Maybe...but maybe not!

175 – PHLster: Creating an Enigma

Daniel interviews Jon & Sarah Hauptman, founders of PHLster Holsters to discuss the company, the Floodlight, and recently launched Enigma.

The Floodlight PHLster Holster: Universality That Doesn’t Suck

The "Floodlight" PHLster holster is more than a universal holster; it's hands down one of the best light bearing holsters available. Glock, S&W...CZ P09? No problem.

Streamlight Flashlights in The Warehouse

Streamlight flashlights are now available at The whole TLR series, lots of Streamlight ProTac models, and more.

PHLster Floodlight: a Universal Holster Worth Carrying

Finding a true "universal holster" of high quality for a handgun has always been difficult, if not impossible. PHLster did something new: the Floodlight is built on retention of the light body instead of the weapon itself and can be used with most popular handguns with an X300 or a Streamlight TRL-1.

5 Tips to Make Your Concealed Carry Handgun Disappear

If you are going to carry a concealed handgun, it is best to keep it hidden until you need it. Here are five things you can do to help ensure you will master concealed carry.

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