Strike Gear Boogeyman Chest Rig Bag, Plus Inserts and Accessories

Strike Industries has added a versatile new bag to its Strike Gear line of soft goods. It’s called The Boogeyman Chest Rig Bag, and Strike says it’s designed to be a low-profile lightweight modular system for you to customize for any mission-specific setup. 

Strike Gear Boogeyman Chest Rig range bag
The Boogeyman can be used as a chest rig, mini range bag (minus ammo), messenger bag, Conceal Carry Weapon (CCW), Everyday Carry (EDC), medical kit, tool bag, hiking/outdoor hip pack, belt pack, and plenty more.

Chest Rig Design

The Boogeyman has a heck of a lot of design features, which certainly enhances its modularity.

Here’s how Strike Industries describes it:

The Boogeyman is made with YKK zippers that include a U-shaped nylon pull tab for fast and comfortable opening of the pockets.

When looking to design the most modular system, a must was to add side webbing loops to provide a wide range of possibilities to store, attach or clip various items.

Strike Gear Boogeyman chest rig front pocket
At the sides of the front pocket, there are 4-way stretch storage pockets for such items like knives, multi-tools and pistol magazines.
Strike Gear Boogeyman chest rig main pocket
Inside the main pocket, you will find three (x3) elastic webbing loops to organize your gear or insert rifle/pistol magazines

With organization in mind for the user, inside both the main and front pockets of the Boogeyman Chest Rig Bag you will find a loop side lined wall to organize your gear with any Strike Gear accessories and inserts (sold separately) as well as any of your favorite patches.

Strike Gear Boogeyman chest rig back
On the back side of the Boogeyman, you will find a full loop side wall so you can pair with the Strike Gear Hook Panel (sold separately) to connect and stack an additional Boogeyman bag to serve as an admin or medical pouch.
Strike Gear Boogeyman Chest Rig Bag
The Boogeyman is also compatible with many other inserts, pouches and holders on the market you may already own or want to get that have a hook side backing.

There are 7 possible areas on the chest rig where you can locate the included ITW Split-Bar body buckles to set up the straps however necessity dictates, including configuring buckles to attach the Boogeyman to an existing carrier, chest rig, or other soft goods you already have.

Strike Gear Boogeyman messenger bag
You can quickly convert the Boogeyman to a messenger bag with a simple unsnap of the button on the back of the bag and store it back we unused. This messenger bag conversion strap can also be used with a 1.5” belt as a belt pack.

A D-Ring is located on one side of the top of the Boogeyman so you can lock the main pocket zipper or use as a key hanger and more. Out of the box you will get two (x2) shoulder straps with ITW latch and body buckles and a 3-bar slider adjuster. The included waist strap has the same ITW latch and body buckles but with two (x2) 3-bar slider adjusters which helps with adjustments for configuring the chest rig setup or to convert the Boogeyman into a hip pack perfect for those hiking/outdoor instances.

Strike Gear Boogyman Chest Rig bag, field gray on the left and woodland on the right.
The Field Grey version of the Boogeyman is made with 500 Denier nylon fabric and the Woodland version is made with 420 Denier nylon fabric.

The Strike Gear Boogeyman Chest Rig Bag gives you an extremely modular market option to carry what you need, whether it is a trip to the range or just a normal workday.

Boogyman Chest Rig Bag Package Contents

  • x1 Boogeyman Chest Rig Bag with YKK zippers
  • x2 Shoulder straps with ITW buckles
  • x1 Waist strap with ITW buckles


  • Modularity: Chest Rig, Mini Range Bag, Messenger, CCW, EDC, Medical, Tool, Hiking/Outdoor Hip Pack, Belt Pack plus other mission specific setups
  • YKK zippers with U shape nylon pulls (x1 main, x2 front)
  • Side webbing loops (x2)
  • Side 4-way stretch storage pockets (x2)
  • Main pocket elastic webbing loops (x3)
  • Front pocket elastic webbing loops (x4)
  • Main pocket can hold AR500 plate up to 6”x8”
  • Loop side on inner wall of main and front pockets
  • Full loop side back wall paired with Strike Gear® Hook Panel (sold separately) to connect an additional Boogeyman bag
  • 7 buckle placement locations
  • Configure buckles to attach to an existing carrier, chest rig or other
  • Quickly convert to a messenger bag with a simple unsnap of the button
  • Messenger bag strap can be used with a 1.5” belt as a Belt Pack
  • D-Ring is located on one side of the top so you can lock the main pocket zipper or use as a key hanger and more
  • Included shoulder (x2) and waist (x1) straps with ITW latch buckles
  • Included ITW Split-Bar body buckles (x6) so you can easily configure your mission setup
  • 3-bar slider adjuster on straps (x1 per shoulder, x2 for waist)
  • Field Grey: 500 Denier nylon fabric
  • Woodland: 420 Denier nylon fabric

Boogeyman Accessories and Inserts

To make this bag even more modular, Strike has released these inserts and accessories.

Adjustable Shock Cord Holster

Strike Adjustable shock cord holster
This helps to organize the inside of your bag or any surface with a loop side. The included shock cord has hook ends (as well as a loop side) so you can configure the specific tension needed anywhere the loop side inside the lined wall and webbing of the holster. This holster does not only have one intended use to keep with the modular theme of the Strike Gear line of soft goods. Strap and secure any item that fits in the webbing loop. It’s only available in Field Grey color.

Elastic Webbing Loop Holder

Strike Gear Elastic Webbing Loop Holder
Use this holder to keep things in their place for your bag or any surface with a loop side. Most rifle/pistol magazines, small notepads, battery packs, sunglasses, and just anything that will fit. Keep your gear vertical, horizontal, and any other direction you need to organize your stuff. It’s only available in Field Grey color.

Hook Panel

Strike Gear Boogeyman chest rig hook panel
This panel was designed to connect and stack two Boogeyman Chest Rig Bags but can have any use that needs four (x4) strips of hook side. Connect other soft goods with loop side; pouches, holsters, patches, and more. This is like a blank canvas to help you keep your gear organized. The Strike Gear Hook Panel comes in Field Grey or Woodland camo colors on one side.
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