Sig’s New Extended P365 Mags (Ready to Ship)

p365 mag

The Sig P365 redefined the way those of us who carry concealed handguns think about capacity. The old perception that a compact size was synonymous with a decrease in capacity went out the window. While most of the popular single stacks were capacity-challenged, the P365 was not. And now Sig is making extended P365 mags.

The P365 15 round mags are a welcome addition.

The P365 15 round mags are a welcome addition.

The new magazines will boost the capacity of the 9mm to 15 rounds. This will, of course, require a grip extension in order to make it feel as comfortable as it would with the 10 round or 12 round mags.

The question now, for P365 owners, is which mag is right for EDC? The 15 round mag is longer, but not by much. Can you conceal it as easily, or is this your spare mag?

sig p365 extended mag

The 15 round extended P365 mag and a 12 round.

These new magazines will be made of steel and will have polymer baseplates. The overall length of the grip won’t be extended too far, either, as the mag uses a staggered stacking pattern instead of a traditional single-stack design. The 4.3″ height will extend to 5.5″. Not bad.

p365 15 round mag

The texture on the extension sleeve is like sand paper. This really will make the gun easier to grip. And the new 15 round mags come with two sleeves–one for the P365 and one for the new P365XL.

The practical side of the extended P365 mags

These will be ideal for range time, when you’re really dialed in on the fundamentals of marksmanship, but should also be practical for concealed carry for those with the ability to cover them up. And for those who use a P365 for use in the home, or OWB carry, this should be a logical addition to the package. The addition to the capacity is only one reason; the addition to the size of the grip would make the gun even more ergonomic.

sig p365 extended mag

Pocket dump. Would the 15 round P365 mag be your carry mag, or a backup?

This new mag may just change the way folks feel about the single-stacks. GLOCK, and others, continue to innovate around the single-stack magazine. The results have been great guns that work exceptionally well and are incredibly easy to conceal. Those who look critically at all of the available compacts, though, see guns with excellent capacity that are, literally, fractions of an inch wider than the single-stacks.

p365 15 and 12 round magazines

Mags now come in 10, 12, and 15 round varieties.

This extension for the P365 mags now puts it in the same category as the GLOCK 19. For Sig fans, that’s a big win. For those who feel like every fraction of an inch counts, this is big win. Either way, the P365 already has a legion of loyal followers. Now they will be even more prepared.

  • gary_lankford

    To me, far more appealing options than all of Sig’s latest P365 offerings, including the P365xl and the new 15 round extended magazines, would be for Sig to offer the P365xl grip module and the 10 round flush base plates as parts, with all future 12 round magazines shipped with spare 10 round flush baseplates. I want neither the longer barrel of the P365xl nor the overly extended 15 round magazines, but I do want that extended grip module…

  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    Ugly & clunky looking with that extension, might as well carry a Hi-Point for less . . .

  • Brian Mooney

    The greater kinetic energy offered, round per round, from a longer barrel, might have more to offer a particular user than a couple of more rounds if one is already using a 12 round magazine. (But choose that carefully, against extra time needed to bring the pistol back on a target.) I am all for flexability, but these new developments are starting to pedal backwards very hard on the initial innovation(s) of the P365. Maybe try leaving it alone for a change and fitting in more range time? Guess not. I thought we had gotten real. Novel thought.

    Still, maybe nice to have some options for those who want them. A hiker might want a spare 15-round magazine for her sole backup, who knows? Then let the marketplace shake it all out.

    • BonesJones Gunny

      yeah, you brought it full circle…
      I’m with you for the most part, but as a 6′ 200# male I do not have as many limitations as someone vertically challenged or very slender. I like the barrel length on most pistols as full size versions. Plus full capacity mags. Until we start talking pocket pistols 😎

      These options basically give us darn near completely custom handguns!

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