Scott Waters escaped the North of England as a child and has lived in the occasionally frozen/occasionally fecund land of Canada since then. An epigrammatically jocose former Canadian Infantry soldier who got himself some "higher education", he became an artist and writer. These days he does some work with aid groups, dips his toes in the Army while continuing to dip his toes in art and writing. There is a general "toe-dipping" theme.

Ronin: The Things I Do for Money

Ronin is at its best when the characters are jousting with each other, over a gut wound, a smoke, or a cup of coffee. And the car chases!

Delta Force Sicario Border Scene: Are Those Guys CAG?

You’ve seen Sicario? Yes? Cool. You’re richer for having done so. Now you can enjoy it even more by getting Larry Vickers' take on the movie - and Delta Force Sicario style.

The Guns of Predator 1987: If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

However poorly chosen, the guns of Predator 1987 managed to wound the creature, and you know that means: if it bleeds we can kill it.

Dog Soldiers: Squaddies By Moonlight

Dog Soldiers: is it a soldier story with werewolves, or a werewolf story with soldiers? Scott reviews a review of the cult classic.

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