Steve Tarani is a former fulltime CIA protective programs employee, small arms and defensive tactics subject matter expert who served on POTUS 45 pre-election executive protection detail. He is the lead instructor for NRA’s non-ballistic weapons training program offered nationally. Tarani is also a DoD and FLETC-certified federal firearms instructor who has been on staff at Gunsite Academy (AZ) as a Rangemaster for over twenty years. Formerly sworn, he is also a former federal contractor and service provider for the US Defense Intelligence Community, US Naval Special Operations Command and other government agencies. Tarani additionally serves on the National Sheriffs’ Association Committee for School Safety and Security.

Soft Skills: Earning Confidence

Having the skills without confidence is as bad as having confidence and no skills at all. When it comes to practical application via on-demand performance, skill and confidence share a symbiotic relationship.

Soft Skills: Awareness and Focus

Learn the difference between Awareness and Focus from Steve Tarani in our soft skills series. Use both to your advantage and protection.

Soft Skills in the Survival Spectrum — Here’s Why They’re So Important

Soft Skills can be utilized strategically and tactically whereas hard skills can only be used tactically. Here's a quick run-down on both.

Soft Skills: Combat Resiliency and Readiness

How do you enhance your combat resiliency? Steve Tarani explains three key issues to address for a proactive and holistic approach.

Three Steps To Develop Your Ability to Shoot Consistently Well

Consistency in shooting well can be defined as “your ability to repeatedly perform at a known skill level." So how do you get there?

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