Steve Tarani is a former fulltime CIA protective programs employee, small arms and defensive tactics subject matter expert who served on POTUS 45 pre-election executive protection detail. He is the lead instructor for NRA’s non-ballistic weapons training program offered nationally. Tarani is also a DoD and FLETC-certified federal firearms instructor who has been on staff at Gunsite Academy (AZ) as a Rangemaster for over twenty years. Formerly sworn, he is also a former federal contractor and service provider for the US Defense Intelligence Community, US Naval Special Operations Command and other government agencies. Tarani additionally serves on the National Sheriffs’ Association Committee for School Safety and Security.

Incremental Gains and the Importance of Persistence

Incremental gains, as a concept, holds immense value for those seeking measurable growth and improvement in their chosen skill. Check out these strategies for incorporating incremental gains into your training.

Knowledge vs. Wisdom: The Best of Both Worlds

In the world of self-defense and personal safety, knowledge of techniques and tactics is important, but it is not the most critical factor. Wise application of that knowledge is paramount.

Soft Skills: Competing Priorities and the Importance of Mental Awareness

Sometimes your To-Do list can be overwhelming. Check out Steve Tarani's tips for effectively manage competing priorities.

Murphy Has a Say: Expect the Unexpected

Murphy’s law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time. To compensate for this potential eventuality, it is recommended to consider a realistic range of likely response options.

Early Warning: Harnessing the Power of Fight or Flight

Your early warning system is already installed, organically encoded, doesn’t require training, and is usually ignored. You can listen to it if you choose, or you can choose to disregard it—the choice is yours, as is the consequence of that choice.

Dedication: Practice Makes Permanent

Armed with dedication we become an unstoppable force to fulfill our passions, harness the power of our minds, and hone our skills to earn success. Who dares wins.

Appropriate Force: Balancing Force Against Skill

When it comes to a violent physical altercation, most people would ask, “With what force should I respond?” Here's an explanation of the Force Application Ladder.

INFOSEC: Protecting Sensitive Information in a Changing World

InfoSec, or Information Security, is your responsibility. Ultimately you are in total control of every piece of information you put out.

Eliminate the Threat: Weapon Disarming

Weapon disarming is as much an art as it is a science. Here are the considerations and three viable response options in weapons disarming.

Violent Physical Altercation: Don’t Be A Victim

Knowledge is power, and today we're growing your soft skills. Quick! What are the three phases of active threat development? If you don't know them, you should read this.

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