A daughter of the PNW and engineering administration maven, Samantha Fischer is an often-underestimated pro-Second Amendment rabble-rouser - who, despite her proficiency with assorted modern long guns, actually prefers a Henry Color Case Hardened Lever Action Side Gate in .45-70 to an AR15...though she is quite attached to her AI L96A1 as well. Sam reports on an eclectic (occasionally esoteric) range of topics, here on The Mag Life and other places.

Ten’s the Limit? An Attempted Washington Magazine Ban

Ironic that the state bearing the very name of our first president (and his face on their flag) would seek to deny a fundamental American freedom. But they are, and they’re pushing an attempted Washington magazine ban hard.  Washington State Bill SB5078 passed the Senate in Olympia yesterday, on the road to a law prohibiting the sale […]

Lone Star Silencers: Made in Texas with Love

HB957, proposed by Texas Representative Tom Oliverson, may change the popularity of Texas silencers - and the volume of shooting in Texas.

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