Arthur Fuerte is a professional tobacconist with a penchant for mid-century militaria. He knows his way around the cigar parings, single-malts, and classic American firearms.

Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless & Davidoff Grand Cru | Gun-and-Cigar Pairing Guide

Guns and Cigars. If you are a cigar smoker you will know that there are a multitude of great drinks, alcoholic and otherwise, that pair well with your favorite smoke. Of course, this is a Gun blog and booze and firearms do not mix. But there are few things finer than setting back with a […]

Browning Auto 5 + Ashton VSG | A Gun-and-Cigar Pairing Guide

Look at the history and "flavor" of the Browning Auto 5; it's hard no to agree the old shotgun should be matched with an Ashton VSG cigar

Ruger Super Blackhawk + La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

Shoot a big gun? Then smoke a big cigar. Our latest gun and cigar pairing: the Ruger Super Blackhawk with a La Flor Dominicana.

Glock 43 and Nasty Fritas: A Gun-and-Cigar Pairing Guide

The Liga Privada Nasty Fritas is smaller version of Liga Privada cigars, using the same tobaccos as its big brothers. Kind of like a Glock 43.

The SW 686 and Asylum 13: An Ugly Gun & Cigar Pairing Guide

Some guns are handsome. This Smith & Wesson 686 isn't one of them. So what can you pair with a gun that runs well, but looks atrocious? How about a cigar that looks odd, but tastes great.

Hands-on with the VooDoo Innovations Witch Doctor

Voodoo Innovations, a company known for parts upgrades, is now making rifles. We have a Witch Doctor in for review, and it is a solid workhorse.

Say hello to my little friend: M203 and Joya de Nicragua

"Say hello to my little friend!" Remember that line? With a cue from Tony Montana in the classic movie "Scarface," here is a cigar suggestion to pair with the M16 (or M4, as you prefer) with an M203 grenade launcher.

Stovepipe Malfunctions and Other 1911 (or any) Magazine Problems

The stovepipe malfunctions and "push feed" jams are two kinds of problems that can be induced by a 1911 magazine (or any mag, really): here's what to do.

An Old Colt and Rare Fuentes: Gun and Cigar Pairing Guide

What do you smoke after a day on the range with an old Colt? If there is any weapon that goes well with the Fuente Fuente Opus X, it is this 1913 Colt 1911: an American classic turned Argentine turned American again.

Check Out the New Steel Framed Walther PPQ

Walther has a new gun in its lineup. The Q5 Match SF is a new evolution of the the PPQ line, and offers a serious upgrade over the existing line.

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