Joe Dawson is a long-time firearm aficionado and former sailor who now runs Bruiser Industries.  CPO (SOC) Dawson, USN Retired, spent the bulk of his career in NSW (Naval Special Warfare) but he has long-since promised to never write an autobiography or tell-all book of high-speed derring-do. He's a Padrón smoking, bourbon-loving, a wrench-turning gearhead who shoots PRS, ELR, 3-Gun, IDPA, and USPSA when time permits. During his career, Dawson deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and various AOs in the Pacific. From 2011 to 2013 he was the lead PO in charge of Land Warfare Training, and later ran the Naval Special Warfare [SEAL] Sniper School for 3 years.

Wilson Combat EDC X9 and Padron 1964: the Finer Things

Shooting is Dawson's ultimate passion, followed shortly behind by the soft curls of smoke drifting off a good cigar with a nice glass of bourbon. He has come to appreciate the finer things in life (like the Wilson Combat EDC X9 and Padron 1964 No. 4 Toro Maduro cigar). Here's why.

Modernization of the AK: A newbies story

What does AK stand for? Avtomat Kalashnakova, of course. I decided to transform the AK-47 in my safe into a modernized ak. These are the upgrades I chose.

PHLster Floodlight: a Universal Holster Worth Carrying

Finding a true "universal holster" of high quality for a handgun has always been difficult, if not impossible. PHLster did something new: the Floodlight is built on retention of the light body instead of the weapon itself and can be used with most popular handguns with an X300 or a Streamlight TRL-1.

Shooting ELR: Applied Ballistics EnABELR

The Applied Ballistics EnABELR is a big bore cartridge developed for precision matches of the ELR (Extreme Long Range) shooting variety.

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