I am a professional competition shooter that travels the country sharing my knowledge, competing, and, most importantly, having fun. My love for firearms and the gear started at a young age but didn't come to fruition until later in life, in 2019. I have climbed the ranks in USPSA, achieving Grand Master classification in only 14 months. My educational background is in marketing, graduating with my MBA in 2017. At the end of the day I am someone who enjoys being on the range all day and being able to share that experience with other.

Guns of John Wick 4: TTI Glock 34 5,000-Round Review

The TTI Glock 34 Copperhead Combat Master is completely built from the ground up. Here's how it's different from regular off-the-shelf Glock 34, and how it's doing after 5,000 rounds.

Fix It Sticks: The Works — The Last Toolkit You’ll Need for the Range

The Fix It Sticks: The Works Toolkit is curated specifically with shooters in mind, with common tools needed to make fixes on the go.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Magazine: 17 Rounds of Reliable, Easy Feeding

One of the most important components of a firearm is the magazine. Not all magazines are created equally. They must be designed and crafted with an individual's life in mind. There is no room for failure. There is no room for a mistake. Magazines need to function when someone's life is on the line, and Smith and Wesson factory magazines check all of the boxes. Today we're looking at their M&P9 17-round magazine.

Ben Stoeger Training Group Fundamentals Pistol Course: Review

This was the very first firearm skill-centered class I've taken. I came in with an open mind, ready to learn from some of the best. 

The Gundies: 2023 Experience

The Gundies Awards are a relaxing break compared to most industry events, with diverse, fun activities for attendees and vendors. The weekend is filled with sharing laughs with friends and creating lasting memories. Here's a snapshot from the 2023 Gundies.

Competing in 2-Gun with A Suppressed Rifle

Competing with a suppressed rifle creates the most comfortable shooting experience and protects your hearing in the long run. Here's a look at Hunter's setup for the 2022 PCSL 2 Gun Championship.

Grand Master USPSA Carry Optics Pistol Set-Up

Carry Optics is the fastest-growing division in the sport. 38.6% of competitors are shooting in that division. Here's a look at the gun Hunter Constantine competes with, and the modifications he has chosen.

How to Start Competition Shooting

Practical shooting sports are on the rise and increasing in popularity within the shooting community. Here's how to get started in competition shooting.

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