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There’s no denying it: 9x19mm Parabellum/Luger has been the uncontested champ of the self-defense gun world for some time. Sure, there was a brief time when the 9mm throne was taken by 40 S&W, but in the end, it became all about 9mm once again. Since those days a few decades back, there hasn’t been much in the handgun market for new self-defense cartridges, but now that’s changed. In early 2022, Federal Premium launched a hot new carry cartridge: .30 Super Carry. If you have questions about 30 Super Carry ammo, you’ve come to the right place for answers.

.30 Super Carry by Federal Premium
Interested in the latest in defensive ammunition? Check out Federal Premium’s 30 Super Carry. (Photo credit: Federal Premium)

The Company Behind the Cartridge

Federal Premium officially announced .30 Super Carry in early 2022, but the company has been well known for its ammunition for far longer. Technically, the ammunition maker was originally founded in 1916, but it was 1922 when Charles Horn took over the factory and re-founded it. That makes the arrival of the new cartridge a centennial celebration of sorts. As for the factory, it was first located in Anoka, Minnesota, and it remains there today. Of course, it’s grown some in the past century.

Federal Premium factory in Anoka, Minnesota, from the early part of the 20th century.
A look into the past via a photo of the Federal Premium factory in Anoka, Minnesota, from the early part of the 20th century. (Photo credit: Federal Premium)

Today, Federal Premium is an ammunition manufacturing giant. The company is owned by Vista Outdoor, a shooting and outdoor sports family of brands that also owns brands such as Speer, CCI, and Remington Ammunition.

Federal Premium released the following regarding the launch and design of the new cartridge:

Federal Ammunition has 100 years of experience producing ammunition and is the ideal company to develop a better concealed carry cartridge for the next generation of self-defense pistols, and that’s exactly what the company has accomplished with this introduction. With so many advantages over existing cartridges, .30 Super Carry stands to revolutionize self-defense.

Mike Holm, the ammunition maker’s Handgun Ammunition Product Director, has made remarks about it as well:

The self-defense market is a driving force behind new gun ownership. When it comes to self-defense, [we’ve learned they want] that concealability, comfort in carrying and ability to shoot, 9 mm performance and the ability to carry more rounds. There is a lot here, and that is what drove the development of .30 Super Carry. Our .30 Super Carry cartridge hits like a 9 mm, which means shooters can increase capacity without sacrificing performance. With ballistics that mirror the 9 mm, there’s no doubt regarding the .30 Super Carry’s effectiveness for self-defense.

30 super carry
30 Super Carry is the new defensive cartridge on the market. (Photo credit: Federal Premium)


The .30 Super Carry has only been around since early 2022 and comprehensive data from numerous sources isn’t yet available. We do have the general specifications:

Cartridge Name .30 Super Carry
Designer Federal Premium
Year Invented 2021
Production 2022-Present
Case Type Rimless, tapered
Case Length 0.827 inches
Bullet Diameter 0.313 inches
Base Diameter 0.345 inches
Overall Length 1.169 inches
Maximum Pressure (not yet SAAMI) 45,000 psi (listed on paperwork submitted to SAAMI)


cartridge dimensions.
Cartridge dimensions. (Photo credit: Federal Premium)

.30 Super Carry Ballistics

Although there isn’t a supply of .30 Super Carry loads on hand like for longer-running cartridges such as 9mm, for which far more options are released by known manufacturers on a regular basis. These are a few of the popular options (100 grain Federal, 115 grain Speer Gold Dot), but it isn’t an exhaustive list.

Federal Premium Personal Defense .30 Super Carry 100 grain HST

Federal Premium Personal Defense 30 Super Carry 100 grain HST.
(Photo credit: Federal Premium)


  • Carefully designed hollow-point reliably expands even when passing through various barriers
  • Diameter and weight retention after firing deliver the penetration needed for consistent performance in personal defense situations without the risk of over penetrating
  • Performed extraordinarily well using FBI test protocol as preferred by law enforcement to assess duty ammunition
  • Profile of bullet, high-visibility nickel-plated case, and high-quality primer provide fantastic function and reliable performance in semi-automatic handguns
  • Federal’s HST .30 Super Carry bullet is designed specifically to get the maximum performance possible from the  cartridge
  • A smaller profile gives shooters greater magazine capacity with muzzle energy and performance equal to that of 9mm Luger, according to the manufacturer

From Federal Premium:

Effective self-defense requires ammunition that provides consistent expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance. And HST delivers. That’s why it’s already the duty load of choice for law enforcement officers throughout the world. Its specially designed hollow point won’t plug while passing through a variety of barriers, and the bullet jacket and core hold together to provide nearly 100 percent weight retention through even the toughest materials.

Distance (yards) Velocity (feet per second) Energy (foot-pounds) Trajectory (inches)
Muzzle 1250 feet per second 347 foot-pounds N/A
25 yards 1185 feet per second 312 foot-pounds Zeroed at 25 yards
50 yards 1129 feet per second 283 foot-pounds -0.6 inches
75 yards 1081 feet per second 260 foot-pounds -3.0 inches
100 yards 1041 feet per second 241 foot-pounds -7.2 inches

loading mags with 30 Super Carry ammo

Federal Premium American Eagle .30 Super Carry 100 grain FMJ

Federal American Eagle 30 Super Carry 100 grain FMJ training rounds
Got training rounds? Federal American Eagle .30 Super Carry 100 grain FMJ is made for target practice and high round count training. (Photo credit: Federal Premium)


  • Clean-burning powders to reduce fouling
  • High-quality Federal brand primers and brass for overall superior performance
  • Designed for target practice; FMJ doesn’t expand on impact
  • Made for firearms chambered in .30 Super Carry
  • A smaller overall profile allows greater magazine capacity with muzzle energy and general performance equal to 9mm Parabellum/Luger

From Federal Premium

Hit your target and train harder with the proven line of American Eagle handgun ammunition. It provides performance similar to self-defense and competition loads for a familiar feel and realistic practice.

Distance (yards) Velocity (feet per second) Energy (foot-pounds) Trajectory (inches)
Muzzle 1250 feet per second 347 foot-pounds N/A
25 yards 1185 feet per second 312 foot-pounds Zeroed at 25 yards
50 yards 1129 feet per second 283 foot-pounds -0.6 inches
75 yards 1081 feet per second 260 foot-pounds -3.0 inches
100 yards 1041 feet per second 241 foot-pounds -7.2 inches

Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection .30 Super Carry 115 grain JHP

Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection 30 Super Carry 115 grain JHP
Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection .30 Super Carry 115 grain JHP is defensive ammunition from a proven line of expanding ammunition. (Photo credit: Speer)


  • Carefully designed structural-plated, pressure-formed core for ultimate terminal performance
  • Uni-Cor bonding to ensure bullet does not separate on impact
  • Proven Gold Dot hollow point
  • Nickel-plated for visibility in low-light situations
  • Sealed primer for reliable performance

From Speer:

Our original Gold Dot line remains a benchmark for both self-defense and duty use, and it’s earned the trust of law enforcement world-wide. It features a pressure-formed lead core that’s bonded to an extremely uniform jacket a single atom at a time. This virtually eliminates separation on impact for more retained weight and penetration to crucial depths. Its Gold Dot hollow-point design expands consistently through the full range of barriers. Ignition and cycling are guaranteed thanks to sealed primers and nickel-plated brass.

Distance (yards) Velocity (feet per second) Energy (foot-pounds) Trajectory (inches)
Muzzle 1150 feet per second 338 foot-pounds N/A
25 yards 1092 feet per second 304 foot-pounds Zeroed at 25 yards
50 yards 1044 feet per second 278 foot-pounds -0.9 inches
75 yards 1004 feet per second 258 foot-pounds -3.8 inches
100 yards 970 feet per second 240 foot-pounds -8.9 inches
Smith and Wesson is producing a few handgun models chambered in 30 Super Carry.
Smith and Wesson is producing a few handgun models chambered in the new cartridge. (Photo credit: Smith and Wesson)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is .30 Super Carry better than 9mm?

According to Federal Premium, it has a similar, if not equal, performance to 9mm. This will vary slightly by load, but initial ballistics promise this to be true.

Is it good for concealed carry?

The team at Federal created the new cartridge specifically for concealed carriers. The cartridge delivers terminal performance similar to that of 9mm, but because it’s a bit smaller, shooters get more capacity without sacrificing weight or overall size.

Can you use .30 Super Carry for self-defense?

Yes, it can be used for self-defense. Federal Premium created the cartridge specifically for gun owners focused on using firearms for self-defense purposes.

When was .30 Super Carry made?

It was officially launched in the first quarter of 2022.

Who Made it?

Federal Premium.

Can you hunt with .30 Super Carry?

The cartridge was created with self-defense use in mind and isn’t ideal for hunting. Just like 9mm, 30 Super Carry is certainly capable of shooting pests and varmints the size of coyotes and smaller, but it wasn’t made as a hunting round.

30 super carry penetration and expansion chart
A caliber comparison chart from Federal Premium to demonstrate the efficacy of 30 Super Carry. (Photo credit: Federal Premium)

Is the new Super Carry the same as 9mm?

No, it is a totally different cartridge than 9mm although the two do deliver similar ballistic performances.

Who makes a gun for Super Carry?

Quite a few firearms manufacturers are producing guns chambered in this cartridge, including Smith and Wesson and Nighthawk Custom.

Who makes .30 Super Carry ammunition?

The cartridge is made by Federal Premium, Speer, CCI, and Remington, although other ammunition makers will probably start making loads soon.

Kat Ainsworth Stevens is a long-time outdoor writer, official OGC (Original Gun Cognoscenti), and author of Handgun Hunting: a Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Using the Right Firearms for Big and Small Game. Der Teufel Katze has written for a number of industry publications (print and online) and edited some of the others, so chances are you've seen or read her work before, somewhere. A woman of eclectic background and habits, Kat has been carrying concealed for over two decades, used to be a farrier, and worked for a long time in emergency veterinary medicine. She prefers big bores, enjoys K9 Search & Rescue, and has a Master's Degree in Pitiless Snarkastic Delivery.


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8 thoughts on “GunMagopedia: .30 Super Carry

  1. I’m confused. Why does the gun industry think we need yet another caliber? I don’t buy the argument people want or need more capacity per mag. Handguns with 15-19 9mm rounds are already widely available and, if you think you are going to be in an extended gunfight, you can carry as many mags as you want.

    This is all about trying to grow revenue and profits. *Yawn*

    1. M. – I ain’t confused .-)

      It is hard enough to maintain a reasonable amount of ammo for training in ‘common’ calibers as it is. Why would most of us want to go to a whole new caliber AND a new gun/accessories just to ‘maybe’ gain an extra round or three? Especially when there are a multitude of defensive rounds already available in those ‘common’ calibers. If someone ‘needs’ some extra rounds there are also a lot of magazines that ‘cure’ that issue.
      Follow the money………………….

    2. The point of .30 super carry is to add capacity to micro compact pistols and potentially single stack pistols while maintaining comparable power to the 9×19 cartridge that the pistols were originally chambered in. It’s really not that hard to understand.

    3. .I agree M. Mullen. Most police shooting only average about 2.2 shots, per shooting incidents. So why do I carry an 7+ round magazine, because, the average police officer weights in excess of 200 lbs. So it is lighter, and he takes 35 minutes to answer a call 📞. The other I carry with me! Which fits my philosophy of KISS{Keep it simple stupid}

  2. Well, I’m left in the dark! Is this round useable in what guns? I own 25+ handguns from 22 mags, up to 45’s. Can it be shot in 38’s, 9 mm, or will we incur the cost of buying new pistols to accommodate this one round?

  3. This new cartridge will allow for smaller handguns to be made and helps to lesson recoil . Nothing wrong with something new !

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