Taurus announces TX22 Competition SCR Pistol

Taurus recently announced the addition of the Taurus TX22 Competition SCR (Steel Challenge Ready) rimfire pistol. The TX22 lineup added this factory-ready target handgun to their expanding line of defense, hunting, and shooting sport firearms.

Taurus TX22 Competitive SCR
Taurus recently announced the addition of their newest pistol to the TX22 line-up, the TX Competition SCR pistol.

The TX22 Competition SCR is the latest version of the Taurus .22lr semiauto pistol. The TX22 line previously had been awarded Handgun of the Year from Guns & Ammo, and Taurus was ready to revisit this line with the competition-focused version complete with an updated slide, barrel configuration, and red dot compatibility.

Basic Specs

  • Caliber: .22 LR
  • Magazines Included: 3
  • Firing System: striker-fired
  • Action Type: SAO
  • Barrel Length: 5.25″
  • Muzzle Device: TANDEMKROSS Game Changer Pro Squared Compensator
  • Sights Front: fixed (white dot)
  • Sights Rear: fully adjustable (white dots)
  • Safety: striker block, manual safety, trigger safety
  • Frame Size: full
  • Grip/Frame: polymer
  • Slide Material: high-grade aluminum
  • Slide Finish: hard anodize
  • Accessory Compatibility: red dot optic, Picatinny rail, threaded muzzle
  • Overall Length: 9.37
  • Overall Width: 1.25″
  • Overall Height: 5.44″
  • Weight: 25.84 oz.
Taurus TX22 Competition SCR pistol is optic ready
The Taurus TX22 Competition SCR comes from the factory with two different base plates for optics, giving options to mount some of the most popular red dot optics straight on the barrel.

The Taurus TX22 Competition SCR takes the original TX22 and takes it up a notch. This full-sized semi-auto pistol has been re-engineered with the competitive shooter in mind. The optic ready slide and 5” barrel assembly offer the competitive shooter a match-grade accuracy they demand.

The skeletonized slide with a larger ejection port was designed to allow the red dot to be mounted on the barrel to reduce any issues with the ejection of the shells. It is reported to enhance the accuracy compared to the slide-mounted option. Adapter plates are included in the package so that a variety of base plate patterns can be achieved that match up a variety of popular red dot brands on the market.

Taurus TX22 Competition SCR pistol designed for shooter
The re-engineered design of the TX22 Competition SCR pistol allows faster rapid-fire capabilities of the shooter and a smoother trigger pull.

Additional upgrades to the Taurus TX22 Competition SCR include the TANDEMKROSS Game Changer Pro Squared Compensator and TANDEMKROSS Eagle’s Talon extractor, the latter only being found on the TX Competition SCR. The compensator adds the dual 45-degree-angle gas venting to counter muzzle rise and recoil for faster follow-up rounds, not to mention improving the overall balance of the pistol to allow the shooter to stay in the zone for shooting.

The TX22 trigger is said to be smooth with a crisp break that allows for an increase of overall speed in rapid-fire capabilities for the shooter.  Paired with the TANDEMKROSS Eagle’s Talon extractor, failure to ejects and other malfunctions have been said to be greatly reduced.

Taurus TX22 Competition SCR full-size semi-auto pistol
The overall design of the new TX22 Competition SCR pistol is reported to give shooters competitive functionality straight out of the box.

The overall ergonomics of the polymer-framed system deliver competitive functionality straight out of the box. The new TX22 Competitive SCR package allows the competitive shooter to break records without breaking their wallet. The TX22 has an MSRP of $589.32.

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