Vertx Firebase Parabellum Bandolier: for Multi-Mission Loadout Options

The Vertx Firebase Parabellum bandolier is a multi-use load bearing option designed to easily adapt to various mission profile loadout requirements.

Bandolier Boogie: when things go bump in the night

An AR 15 bandolier (loaded up in a more thorough way than just a magazine bandolier) is a Good Thing to have, especially at night. Here's why.

The Active Shooter Bag From Tactical Tailor

Looking for a way to carry mags that's effective, but not 100% obvious? Check out the Active Shooter Bag from Tactical Tailor.

IC13 Brings Back The Bandoleer With The INVRT

Looking for a new way to carry magazines? Check out the INVRT. This new twist on the classic bandoleer provides an up-front way to keep your mags ready.

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