Jeremy Stafford has been an LAPD officer for nearly 20 years and was a Marine as well. He's a court-recognized Use of Force and Firearms SME who has worked many assignments over the years - Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Narcotics Officer, a tour undercover with the Counter-Terrorism Bureau, and Senior Firearms Instructor at their academy. He's a combat veteran of Iraq, where he helped rebuild the Baghdad Police Department and helped develop the first Iraqi Police-USMC joint patrol program. He served in SE Asia as a CT liaison, in the Horn of Africa in a similar capacity, and is the recipient of the Bronze Star with "V" for Valor. Stafford is an accomplished Krav Maga instructor and a longtime mentor in various youth programs, including for the Spartan Race. Stafford is a prolific writer whose work can be found in dozens of publications.

Center Axis Relock: John Wick Fighting Style

Keanu Reeves has put in the work required to make his John Wick character believable...but that doesn't make Center Axis Relock any more valid or viable.

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