Chris Tran is a seasoned and accomplished law enforcement officer for a large metropolitan agency in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to photography and videography efforts, Tran writes equipment reviews aimed towards the everyday user with a focus on functionality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Chris advises, "I support and will positively review any products that I find to be interesting and of quality as it pertains to normal people like me. I am not a high-speed, super-secret 'operator'. I am a normal civilian like many, if not most. Anything I review will be from an end user's perspective with my background as a cop to supplement my perspective on usability, function, and cost-effectiveness. Bottom line, I won't speak about what I don't know, and if I like or don't like it, I will candidly tell you why. Among his credits are numerous articles written for Guns & Tactics Magazine, UN12, Black Sheep Warrior, and RECOIL's Concealment magazine (q.v.). Follow him on IG, @christranfiveoh.  

Surefire XSC: Pocket-sized Weapon Light Power

I had the good fortune to attend an invite-only Surefire, LLC media event called Back to the Bills, this past August. Hosted by Oakgrove Technologies, Back to the Bills was an incredible three-day event that showcased an array of Surefire lights, as well as master-level instruction from Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack-Tactical, and Bill Rapier of American […]

UF Pro Striker HT Combat Pants

Range pant, duty pant, tactical pant - these UF Pro pants (the Striker HT) have many features that commend them - to include swamp-ass mitigation.

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