Ours has been life less ordinary, but who wants to be ordinary? We have dedicated ourselves to our passions. There's not much shooting-wise we have yet to do or try. Having experienced all aspects of the industry as instructors, ROs, EP agents, gunsmithing, and much more. Shooting is our passion. Our favorite events include USPSA, 2/3Gun, PRS, Steel Challenge, Tactical Outlaw, and anything else we can get into. Reloading is an art form, and weapons are our religion. We love hot sport bikes, ATVs, 4x4 Jeeps, and anything that takes us into the wild. K9 furmissle is required on adventures, Maligator on board. Hit us up for comments, questions, or ideas. @ashley_stone1911 & @etacticallife.

Advanced and Novice Gun Safety Practices: Is There A Difference?

Is there really a difference in how we apply gun safety rules as an advanced shooter compared to a novice? Let's discuss.

Situational Awareness for Women: Beginner’s EDC

There's much more to every day carry (EDC) than choosing a firearm and holster. For women, situational awareness plays a role in building an overall plan and strategy to add to the tools of carrying a firearm daily.

Just Got Your First Gun? Now What? Safety Tips and Considerations for New Shooters

There are many aspects to owning and operating a firearm safely. It requires dedication and training, but you are equal to the task. Firearms ownership is your right as an American, but doing it safely is your responsibility and yours alone.

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