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Hand-loading your magazines is a slow, uncomfortable process, and if you’re paying for a stall at your local range by the hour, it can be a costly process too. That’s where magazine loaders come into play. Shooters from across the globe—professional and civilian—use handgun- and rifle-specific speed loaders to reduce the risk of injury to their thumbs, while simultaneously speeding up the loading process.

Small, lightweight loaders like the ETS® C.A.M. loader and the Maglula® loader easily fit in most range bags, allowing you to use the loader at the range for reduced load time and a pain-free shooting experience. These small loaders load anywhere from one to 10 rounds at a time, and with practice, can cut reload time in half or better! Most shooters use these loaders due to their compact size and convenient, reliable design.

There are also a variety of high-capacity loaders, such as the Butler Creek® electronic ASAP loader and MagPump® manual loaders on the market today, though they are often far more cumbersome and are best used at your workbench. Used by military armorers, training professionals, and other volume shooters, these convenient loaders are speedy and reliable, but they are quite a bit more expensive than their compact counterparts. Plus, they aren’t exactly easy to transport due to their size and weight. 

Regardless of your reloading preferences and needs, we offer a wide variety of pistol and rifle magazine loaders, designed to fit virtually any budget. Stop bandaging up your thumbs and wasting precious range time. Shop our entire collection of magazine loaders today!

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