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Most modern sporting firearms are equipped with a pistol grip, and in many cases, provide ample rail space for the attachment of optional foregrips. Pistol grips and foregrips are designed to provide additional comfort, support, stability, and control, all of which greatly affect accuracy and safety. Pistol grips are located on a firearm’s lower receiver, and provides rearward control, while foregrips, as their name implies, are traditionally mounted in a forward position, which allows shooters to swing, point, and maneuver the firearm more effectively.

However, many stock grips, such as the all-too-familiar A2 grip on AR-15 rifles are undesirable due to their rough aesthetics, uncomfortable grip angles, and inability to adapt to the needs of individual shooters. Luckily, there is a wide variety of aftermarket pistol grips and foregrips currently available to civilian shooters. Better yet, they’re easy to install, and rarely require any form of gunsmithing, making them affordable to even the most cash-strapped shooters.

At GunMag Warehouse, we carry a wide variety of the best grips money can buy from internationally renowned brands such as Magpul®, Hogue®, Tyrant Designs®, and more. Whether you’re a sport shooter looking for a new foregrip to get your groupings under control, a field operator looking for a pistol grip with built-in battery and tool storage, a small-handed shooter in need of something a bit more comfortable, or an aging marksman on the hunt for shortened grip angle for reduced fatigue, we have just the grip for you. Shop our full collection of grips today!

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