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About the Taurus PT 99

The Taurus® PT 99 is a variation of the Taurus PT 92 which is an ultrareliable clone of the ever-famous Beretta® 92. Designed to deliver the same reliable performance as the Beretta 92 pistol, but at a lower and more affordable price, the Taurus PT 99 features a SA/DA design with hardwood grips and this pistol an adjustable rear sight that offers shooters quick and intuitive target acquisition in high-stress target and defensive environments making it ideal for competition and self-defense. Even better, the PT 99 accepts PT 92 magazines making it easy to find plenty of quality and affordable magazines. Chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, the Taurus PT 99 is the perfect choice for any arsenal.

Adjustable Rear Sights

When it comes to pistols there are many different iron sight options you can find. Some have fixed iron sights while others come with sights that are able to cowitness with optics. Some have adjustable rear sights that give the user some control when it comes to adjusting their sight picture without having to use an optic. Not only does this let you tinker with and find what works best to give you the best accuracy and quickest target acquisition, but it also allows you to really hone in your accuracy. Adjustable sights are perfect for competition shooters as it allows them to really dial in their pistol so they’re comfortable with it to find their way quickly and accurately to victory.

Why choose the Taurus PT 99?

Like its initial iteration in the PT 92, The Taurus PT 99 gives users an affordable SA/DA design with ergonomic hardwood grips and an adjustable rear sight that makes this pistol ideal for the world of competition or home defense. Plus, the PT 99 is able to accept PT 92 magazines which makes it easy to find plenty of magazines. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer an always-growing selection of Taurus and other popular brands of factory and aftermarket magazines to match any budget. Shop now and order today!