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About the Tanfoglio Witness
Modeled after the famed CZ® 75 pistol, the Tanfoglio Witness is one of the most versatile single-action/double-action (SA/DA) pistol designs on the American civilian market. The Witness pistol incorporates several unique design features that have produced a truly outstanding weapons platform. Built around a steel alloy frame for superior durability in a lightweight package, the Tangfoglio Witness boasts a durable hammer-forged steel barrel and features a standard three-dot sighting system for intuitive target acquisition and optimal clarity in any target or personal defense environment. The ergonomic grip allows the pistol to be grasped in such a way that it points more naturally. Further, the Tanfoglio comes equipped with an ambidextrous combat thumb safety and built-in ambidextrous de-cocker for safe carry with a round in the chamber, promising lightning-fast deployment and superior safety in virtually any environment.

What Does “SA/DA” Mean?
Single-action/Double-action pistols allow shooters to fire the pistol by either pulling the hammer back with their thumb or racking the slide before pulling the trigger (single-action), or by simply pulling the trigger and forcing the hammer to pull itself back prior to striking the firing pin (double-action).

Single-action means pulling the trigger does one action: releasing the hammer on the firing pin, and the double-action system does two actions: pulls the hammer back and releases the hammer on the firing pin. The single-action stage requires the hammer to be cocked (manually or mechanically) before firing, and offers a light, crisp pull, ensuring accurate shot placement and improved handling.