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Steyr AUG Magazines

About the Steyr AUG Rifle
Introduced in 1977, the Steyr® AUG is an Austrian selective fire bullpup battle rifle, built around a conventional piston-operated action and closed bolt design. Engineered to serve as a multi-role tactical rifle, carbine, sniper rifle, or sub-gun, the AUG boasts an advanced polymer frame and aluminium receiver for superior stability and unwavering reliability in a durable, yet lightweight tactical package. The hammer-fired firing mechanism is contained in the rear of the stock and is covered by a synthetic rubber shoulder plate for superior comfort and control, while the performance-enhanced hammer group is made entirely of reinforced plastics and is contained in an open-topped plastic box for enhanced corrosion and shock resistance and the firing pin is operated by a reinforced plastic hammer. The gas cylinder is offset to the right side of the barrel and works with one of the two guide rods, while the short-stroke piston system transmits the rearward motion of the piston to the bolt carrier for smooth operation in high-stress environments.

The multi-configurable M1 variant of the AUG A3 platform is the latest generation of the venerated bullpup platform. The AUG A3 M1 Optics version has a more traditional AUG scope tube with exceptionally bright and clear optical elements, modernized with the addition of three Picatinny rail sections to accommodate accessories like a close-quarters holographic sight. With 16 numbered slots, the High-Rail version was designed to accommodate the widest range of optic choices, and the 11-slot Short-Rail version was designed for use with a reflex sight or a longer-eye relief optic. The AUG A3 M1 boasts an overall length of just 28.15 inches, including its 16” heavy barrel, making it at least 8” shorter than an M4 carbine with a comparable-length barrel. The short-stroke gas-piston operation of the AUG runs exceptionally cleaner by nature thanks to the unique gas mitigation system that allows all the operational exhaust gases to vent out of the front of the rifle, resulting in reduced carbon fouling, dirt, and debris buildup within the barrel and action. The matching stainless steel guide rods are affixed to the bolt carrier, allowing it to glide inside the receiver for smooth operation and enhanced reliability. Dual gas-adjustment settings ensure smooth and consistent operation with a variety of centerfire rifle cartridges. If that’s not enough, the AUG also features a unique quick-change barrel design for enhanced reliability and unparalleled versatility, while the collapsible forward grip offers superior comfort and control.

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