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About the Springfield XD-S

Specifically engineered for concealed carry applications, the Springfield® XD-S® is a single-stack centerfire pistol, trusted by experienced shooters across the country. This pistol boasts a lightweight and durable polymer frame with a stainless steel slide for superior strength and durability making this pistol perfect for concealed-carry. The grip features aggressive texturing to allow for positive handling with a sure grip with the choice of flush-fitting magazines for smooth, snag-free draws or extended magazines that provide additional grip area for superior ergonomics. Further, the ambidextrous mag release allows quick and intuitive use for both left- and right-handed shooters while the fiber optic front sight combines with two white dot sights to provide quick and intuitive target acquisition in virtually any shooting environment. To top it all off, this striker-fired pistol comes chambered in 9mm, .45 ACP, and .40 S&W so you can find the ideal firearm that best meets your needs.

What are fiber optic sights?

In today’s world of firearms, you have what seems like an endless choice when it comes to customizing your sight picture. You can choose red dot sights or rifle scopes, add fiber optic or night sights in place of your factory iron sights, or just stick with the iron sights your firearm came with. The goal is to find a set of sights that are easy to see and work well for what you’re wanting to accomplish. Many people choose to go with fiber optic front sights because they are easy to pick up. Usually coming in red, orange, or green, fiber optic sights are a mix of plastic and glass that do not reflect or bend light, they absorb it which results in high visibility. Light is trapped in the tube and is visible to the shooter’s eye. Fiber optic sights help to enhance your accuracy and help you to get on target faster. Plus, fiber optics also help improve your accuracy at longer ranges as well. While they may not glow like tritium sights but do give you a better sight picture in dim light compared to iron sights and give you a distinct advantage in bright light vs night sights.