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About the Smith & Wesson 915
The Smith & Wesson® 915 is a short recoil-operated centerfire pistol featuring a durable steel frame, steel slide, and performance-enhanced steel barrel for superior reliability and versatile field service. The 915 boasts a reliable and consistent SA/DA fire system, engineered to deliver unparalleled reliability and consistency in harsh tactical and personal defense applications. Discontinued in 2006, the Smith & Wesson 915 features enhanced ergonomics and boasts a slide-mounted thumb safety and built-in de-cocker for improved safety and reliability, making the 915 the perfect choice for military, police, and tactical shooters alike.

What is a “SA/DA” Fire Sytem?
“SA/DA” is the industry-standard abbreviation for Single-action/Double-action. 

Single-action/Double-action pistols allow shooters to fire the pistol by either pulling the hammer back with their thumb or racking the slide before pulling the trigger (single-action), or by simply pulling the trigger and forcing the hammer to pull itself back prior to striking the firing pin (double-action). The single-action stage requires the hammer to be cocked (manually or mechanically) before firing, and offers a light, crisp pull, ensuring accurate shot placement and improved handling. A double-action pull, on the other hand, is much heavier and requires an intentional pull. With single-action/double-action pistols, the first trigger pull will be a double-action pull and much heavier. As the slide travels rearward, it will automatically cock the hammer, allowing you to fire with a light and crisp single-action pull with every shot thereafter, making the single-action/double-action system one of the most reliable and safest hammer-fired pistol designs in the world.