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About the Ruger P94

Introduced in 1994 and produced until 2004, the Ruger® P94 is a lightweight, mid-sized pistol, designed to deliver reliable firepower in virtually any environment. A mid-sized, slightly larger variant of Ruger’s P93, the P94 boasts a durable polymer waffle-patterned grip for superior ergonomics and a sure grip with a full-length streamlined steel slide that provides unbeatable strength and durability. With magazine capacities of 11+1 or 15+1, this pistol makes the perfect choice for concealed-carry, home defense, or plinking targets at the range.

Waffle-patterned grip.

A waffle-patterned grip design is exactly as the name suggests, a grip design that looks like waffles. The Ruger P94 was a maturation of Ruger’s P-Series designs that came from time on the market. Ruger trimmed back the gun’s blocky features to create a sleeker and more modern-looking firearm for users. The ribbed grip panels were left behind in the ‘80s as Ruger decided to go with the modern-looking waffle pattern grip design. This design gives shooters improved ergonomics and helps ensure positive handling so users can get a sure grip on their firearm for unmatched accuracy and quick follow-up shots. Waffle patterns are a popular design choice among companies today and can be found on accessories from grips all the way to magazines.

Why choose the Ruger P94?

The Ruger P94 boasts magazine capacities of 11+1 or 15+1 with an ergonomic waffle pattern grip and a streamlined steel slide for unmatched strength and long-lasting durability. This pistol is perfect for plinking targets at the range and in the avid collector’s arsenal. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a huge selection of P-Series magazines at affordable, everyday prices. Shop our full collection and stock up on Ruger pistol mags today!