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About the Ruger P93

The Ruger® P93 is a slim, compact version of the iconic P89 semi-auto pistol, chambered in .45 ACP. This pistol features the same aluminum alloy frame as its predecessor but with a more streamlined appearance that omits some unnecessary parts such as the flared nosepiece of the P89 and added grips with heavier checkering for improved ergonomics. This classic pistol was designed for shooters who wanted a lighter concealed-carry option that was easier to conceal. Further, this pistol is SA/DA with a mounted safety or de-cocker lever that makes it perfect for everyday concealed carry.

What is a de-cocker?

A de-cocker can be found on SA/DA pistols that allow users to easily de-cock their pistol without having to worry about negligent discharges. Taking the place of a manual safety, a de-cocker is a button that when pressed will de-cock the hammer and reset the trigger without the user having to press the trigger and fire a round. This feature is ideal for SA/DA pistols used for concealed-carry because it allows you to carry with a round in the chamber without having to worry about an extremely light trigger pull when drawing or removing your pistol from its holster at the end of the day.

Why choose the P93?

Perfect for concealed-carry, dropping targets at the range, or the growing gun collection, the Ruger P93 features a slim design with a durable aluminum alloy frame and superior ergonomics and has a place in almost any arsenal. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a huge selection of P93 and other P-Series magazines at affordable, everyday prices. Shop our full collection and stock up on Ruger pistol mags today!