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About the Ruger P345

Released in 2004, the Ruger® P345 is the final iteration of P-series pistols, serving as a predecessor to the famous SR line of pistols currently on the market. Chambered in .45 ACP this pistol accepts the same 8+1 single stack magazines as the P9- and P97. Intended to usher in Ruger’s new pistol designs, the P345 features a radically different design compared to its predecessors including an integrated keyed lock that locks the safety in the safe position, a loaded chamber indicator, and a magazine disconnect safety. It also features a new polymer frame design that is narrower than the P95 and P97 and features low-profile safety rails. It does not feature an ambidextrous slide release or magazine release. It was discontinued by Ruger in 2013.

What is a Loaded Chamber Indicator?

A loaded chamber indicator does exactly what its name suggests: shows users if the chamber of their firearm is loaded or unloaded. For some firearms, this is a small button or rod that is located behind the ejection port on the slide that pops up to indicate a round is in the chamber. A loaded chamber indicator is not to be confused with an inspection port that allows you to visually see the brass from the round that’s chambered. Some argue that a loaded chamber indicator can create bad habits when it comes to handling firearms. The biggest one being is making people lax when it comes to one of the most important rules when it comes to guns which are to treat them like they’re always loaded.   

Why choose the Ruger P345?

The Ruger P345 is the last in the line of the Ruger’s P-Series and features a loaded chamber indicator, is chambered in .45 ACP, and boasts a slimmer design making it ideal for concealed-carry or dropping targets at the range. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a huge selection of P-Series magazines at affordable, everyday prices. Shop our full collection and stock up on Ruger pistol mags today!