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Ruger 9E Magazines

About the Ruger 9E

The Ruger® 9E® is an economy-priced 9mm pistol, designed specifically for concealed carry and home defense applications. The Ruger 9E features 17+1 capacity with an alloy steel slide and black oxide finish for superior strength and dependable durability that you’ve come to expect from Ruger. The glass-filled nylon grip frame provides unmatched ergonomics with reduced recoil to enhance handgun control for quicker follow-up shots. Plus, an easily adjustable and reversible backstrap helps shooters find the perfect grip size for their hands for positive handling and comfortable shooting. Further, a built-in Picatinny rail allows users to easily mount their favorite weapon-mounted accessories such as weapon lights and lasers while a loaded chamber viewing port easily allows you to check and see if the chamber is loaded. 2-dot steel sights provide quick and intuitive target acquisition while a manual gun safety and trigger safety lever provide extra layers of security for added peace of mind.

What’s a loaded chamber viewing port?

Not to be confused with a loaded chamber indicator, a loaded chamber viewing port is a tiny window that allows users to see if there is a round in their firearm’s chamber. The port is usually placed on the exposed section of your firearm’s barrel and allows you to easily see the brass casing of a cartridge that’s loaded into the chamber. Unlike a loaded chamber indicator, there is no flag that pops up to let the user visually see or feel if there is a round in their firearm’s chamber. While a chamber viewing port is good for an additional layer of security, it should not take the place of standard gun safety habits.

Why choose the Ruger 9E?

The Ruger 9E features a solid nylon grip frame for unmatched ergonomics with intuitive 2-dot steel sights and 17+1 capacity to create the perfect pistol for all-day range sessions or home defense. At GunMag Warehouse, we carry a variety of Ruger pistol magazines at industry-leading prices. Shop our full collection of Ruger magazines today and get more bang for your buck!