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About the Oracle Arms 2311

The all-new Oracle Arms® 2311™ takes race gun DNA and combines it with duty weapon reliability to create the perfect blend of a time-tested operating system with modern engineering and manufacturing. Available in five different models, there is something for everyone with all five being compatible with Sig Sauer® P320™ magazines so users have easy access to reliable and cost-effective magazines. Patented debris clearance channels in critical areas ensure users with peak performance in competition or the line of duty while an external extractor helps eliminate the need for fine-tuning and improves both reliability and convenience. Plus, a right-side slide stop makes this pistol completely ambidextrous for easy, intuitive use for both right- and left-handed shooters.

The linkless barrel and bushing-free design provides simple, tool-free takedown and assembly for easy maintenance and cleaning while the modular grip and magwell allow for multiple configurations to provide unmatched versatility and adaptability. What’s more, four 2311 models feature solid 7075 aluminum frames while the other model features a 17-4 stainless steel frame to provide a strong, and rugged pistol that’s perfect for competition, concealed-carry, or law-enforcement. To top it all off, this pistol includes four interchangeable slide plates for compatibility with iron sights, RMR, EPP, and RMSc pattern optics.

Aluminum vs stainless steel frames.

When it comes to deciding between aluminum-framed firearms and stainless steel-framed firearms, the biggest thing to take into account is weight. Aluminum framed firearms will be lighter than steel which makes them much easier to comfortably carry, especially during concealed-carry. The one drawback, though, is that lighter weight means there will be much more felt recoil so you will have to practice more with an aluminum-framed firearm to become accurate with it. On the other hand, steel-framed firearms will be heavier to carry which could be more uncomfortable especially if it’s during concealed-carry. However, the added weight will help to mitigate the firearm’s recoil making it slightly easier to become proficient in. At the end of the day, both options will offer unmatched strength and lasting durability for your firearm.

Why choose the Oracle Arms 2311?

The Oracle Arms 2311 is a modern take on a classic design and offers shooters up to five different models that are engineered to match virtually any shooting situation. From home defense to fast-paced competitions, the new law-enforcement officer to the long-time CCW holder, the 2311 is the perfect choice. Further, since this pistol readily accepts SIG P320 mags, shooters will have easy access to reliable and cost-effective magazines. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer an always-growing selection of durable magazines that fit any budget. Shop today and gear up for your next competition!