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HK G36 Magazines

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About the HK G36

The HK® G36 is a lightweight combat rifle, designed for the German military (Bundeswehr) in 1997 as a replacement for the heavier 7.62×51mm G3 battle rifle. The civilian version of the G36 is a favorite among sport shooters, military collectors, and law enforcement agencies across the globe. The free-floating barrel is cold hammer-forged with a chrome-lined bore to offer long-lasting strength and durability with a 1:7” twist for superior accuracy in fast-tactical and target-rich environments. This rifle features a short-stroke gas piston system and boasts a foldable buttstock for easier use in tight spaces and it makes storage and transport easy and convenient. What’s more, this rifle can still be fired even while the stock is collapsed. Further, standard export versions feature a single telescopic sight with 1.5x magnification and an aiming reticle fixed at 300m for superior accuracy straight out of the box.  

Advantages of a foldable buttstock

There isn’t anything wrong with making life just a bit easier. When it comes to packing up and going to the range, it never hurts to maximize the space in your gear and in your car. This is where folding buttstocks come in. If you have a smaller-sized car with a lot of gear to load up, you’re going to want to take advantage of anything you can to make sure you can safely pack your gear up. A foldable buttstock gives you a little extra room to work with so you can pack more things or just easily fit your gear in the car. Another advantage of a folding stock is when it comes to cleaning your rifle. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a workshop or even a dedicated workspace with plenty of room for their firearms. A foldable buttstock makes things a little easier when it comes to cleaning your rifle and gives you more room to work with. Finally, a folding stock lets you easily turn your rifle into a compact package making it easier to carry through the woods or to and from your range stall.

Why choose the HK G36?

The HK G36 features a foldable stock, a free-floating hammer-forged barrel, and a 1:7” twist rate for superior strength and unmatched accuracy making it the perfect choice for your next range toy or home defense rifle. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer an impressive selection of G36 magazines, designed to fit every budget. Shop our full collection today and enjoy superior reliability—without breaking the bank!