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Glock 44 Magazines

About the Glock 44
The Glock® 44 is a reliable, combat rimfire semi-auto pistol, chambered in .22LR. Built around an advanced polymer frame with an innovative hybrid steel-polymer slide and the iconic Glock Safe Trigger design, the Glock 44 offers the same dependable field performance that Glock is internationally known for, packed in an affordable, target and training rimfire pistol. Dual recoil action technology drastically reduces felt recoil and blowback for enhanced accuracy and improved handling. The G44 comes standard with the Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB) for increased accuracy and precision, while the factory-installed adjustable target sights offer quick, intuitive target acquisition in any target-rich environment.

Why Would I Want a Rimfire Pistol?
Rimfire ammo is infinitely cheaper than centerfire ammunition, allowing you to engage in a bit of informal target practice and firearms training without breaking the bank. In addition to the obvious cost savings, rimfire pistols are traditionally lighter and easier to carry than centerfire pistols. While that may not matter to experienced shooters and burly men, small-framed shooters, ladies, and youth shooters often find the weight and recoil of centerfire pistols to be tiresome and challenging or uncomfortable to operate. Rimfire pistols, on the other hand, allow these inexperienced or small-framed shooters to enjoy reliable field service and dependable target practice/training before working up to a more powerful centerfire rifle.

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