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FNP Magazines

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About the FNP

The FN® FNP is one of America’s best-selling tactical pistols on the market, favored by reservists, civilian shooters, and off-duty law-enforcement personnel across the country. Produced from 2006-2011, the FNP is a hammer-fired, semi-automatic pistol that features a stainless steel slide and high-strength polymer frame that makes this pistol the perfect choice for everyday concealed-carry or as a duty pistol for law-enforcement. Plus, this SA/DA pistol features a 3-dot white or Tritium night sights to ensure quick and intuitive target acquisition in virtually any shooting environment. The integrated tactical accessory rail allows for mounting of your favorite weapon lights and laser sights while the ambidextrous de-cocking lever and reversible magazine release allow left- and right-handed shooters to comfortably use this pistol. To top it all off, this pistol comes chambered in 9mm, .40S &W, and .45 ACP to give you plenty of options to choose from to match your situation.

What is a reversible magazine release?

A reversible magazine release is a feature on a firearm that allows the user to configure it for left- or right-handed shooting. Firearms with a reversible mag release come from the factory designed to work with the mag release set up on either the left or right side of the firearm for either handiness of the shooter making them extremely versatile. This feature makes it easier for shooters, especially those who are left-handed, to find and own a firearm that feels comfortable and easy to use in their hands. A reversible magazine release allows shooters to customize their firearm so they can enjoy shooting it at the range or rely on it for concealed-carry.

Why choose the FN FNP?

The FN FNP is a rugged, and reliable SA/DA pistol featuring a solid steel slide on top of a durable polymer frame with an integrated accessory rail for your favorite weapon lights or laser sights. Whether you’re defending your home from potential intruders or enjoying a bit of casual target practice at the range, pick up a few extra FN FNP magazines and carry in confidence. Shop our huge selection of FN pistol magazines today and drop targets with reliable firepower—without breaking the bank!