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CZ85 Magazines

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About the CZ-85

Designed and engineered in Czechoslovakia, the CZ® CZ-85 is an ultrareliable 9mm semi-auto pistol, favored by a variety of European law enforcement agencies, as well as American civilian shooters and CCW holders. Discontinued in 2016, the CZ-85 boasts a fully adjustable rear sight for quick, intuitive target acquisition in virtually any shooting application. Further, the reversible extended magazine release makes lightning-fast reloads easy while ambidextrous safety levers and slide stop levers provide easy manipulations so left- and right-handed shooters can easily place their CZ-85 on safe and lock the slide into place. What’s more, this pistol features an overtravel adjustment on the trigger and doesn’t have a firing pin safety for a clean, crisp trigger pull making it perfect for competition settings.

What is an overtravel adjustment?

Overtravel on a trigger is the characteristic of a trigger to continue its rearward motion after the sear releases the hammer, firing pin, or striker. This dictates how far you have to let the trigger reset in order to shoot your gun again. An overtravel adjustment on a firearm allows the user to eliminate this post-release movement so they can fine-tune their pistol to give the perfect, crisp trigger break. When it comes to competition or self-defense you want to be able to fire shots quickly and accurately in rapid succession. Decreasing your trigger reset allows you to fire your pistol quicker making follow-up shots easier.

Why choose the CZ-85?

The CZ-85 is favored by both law-enforcement and civilian shooters alike. Its fully adjustable rear sight, ambidextrous controls, and light trigger pull make this the perfect firearm for competition and self-defense. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a huge selection of CZ pistol magazines at affordable, everyday prices. Shop our full collection of CZ magazines today!