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CZ 453 Magazines

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About the CZ 453

The CZ® 453 is a magazine-fed, bolt-action rimfire rifle, specifically engineered for target shooting, varmint hunting, and small game hunting. Chambered for .22LR or .17HMR, this rimfire rifle features CZ’s adjustable single-set trigger that allows shooters to choose a standard hunting trigger pull or a light, target-style trigger pull for the perfect light, crisp break that the situation calls for. Plus, this rifle comes with a standard dovetail sight that is milled into the receiver for intuitive target acquisition while an optics rail provides a secure base for your favorite rifle scopes. The barrels are hammer-forged from steel billets for superior strength and durability and unmatched accuracy while a solid stock provides superior ergonomics for positive handling.

Advantages of bolt-action rifles.

A bolt-action-style rifle is extremely simple and rugged. There just isn’t much that can go wrong. Not only are they simple, they’re also easy to maintain. Thanks to their simple design, there are fewer moving parts and they’re easy to field strip which makes cleaning after roughing it on a hunt or dropping targets at the range all day simple. This then makes maintaining your rifle over its life much easier so you can ensure you get more use out of it. Further, a bolt-action rifle usually gives you a larger range of calibers to choose from allowing you to have greater flexibility when it comes to hunting or target practice and generally more accurate than a semi-auto rifle because there are fewer moving parts making them easier to keep steady. Also, it’s just more fun to cycle a round with a bolt-action.

Why choose the CZ 453?

The CZ 453 is the ideal choice for plinking targets at the range or all your varmint hunting needs with its durable hammer-forged barrel, ergonomic stock, and adjustable single-set trigger. At GunMag Warehouse, we carry a huge selection of CZ rifle magazines, offered at everyday low prices designed to deliver reliable firepower without breaking the bank. Shop our full collection today!