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About the CZ 452

The CZ® 452 is a magazine-fed bolt-action rifle, favored by small-game hunters and target marksmen worldwide. This high-quality rimfire rifle features an action fully machined from bar stock with an adjustable trigger that allows shooters to find the perfect light, crisp trigger pull. A standard dovetail sight is milled into the receiver for intuitive target acquisition while an optics rail provides a secure base for your favorite optics. The cold, hammer-forged barrel offers superior strength and durability, and unmatched accuracy with a 1:16” twist while a solid stock provides superior ergonomics for positive handling. Chambered for numerous smaller calibers, this rifle makes the perfect choice for varmint hunting or plinking targets at the range.

Benefits of a Hammer-Forged Barrel

When it comes to shooting firearms, you want to make sure you have a strong and durable barrel. Every time you pull the trigger not only do you send a projectile down the barrel, you are also pushing hot, burning gas down the barrel with the most vulnerable part being the first few inches of the rifling just in front of the cartridge. Due to this repeated action, you want to make sure you have a strong and durably made barrel. Hammer-forged barrels are built to be tough and take repeated use and abuse. During the forging process, a short and thick steel rod is threaded onto a mandrel and then beating, or hammering, the mass of steel into the final shape of the barrel. This process hardens all the steel in contact with the mandrel, and this creates the bore. After the process is complete, you have a rugged, and durable barrel designed to take all you can give it.

Why choose the CZ 452?

Whether you’re looking to take home a few squirrels and other small game, or enjoying a bit of mid-range target practice, the CZ 452 is the ideal choice for shooters. Its adjustable trigger, hammer-forged barrel, and ergonomic stock ensure this rifle has a place in any arsenal. Pick up a few extra CZ 452 magazines from GunMag Warehouse today!