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About the Beretta 96

The Beretta® 96 brings the .40 S&W back into Beretta’s 90-series lineup. Featuring many of the same features as the Beretta 92, this pistol boasts a SA/DA design that makes it ideal for concealed-carry with a built-in Picatinny rail for quick and easy mounting of all of your favorite accessories such as weapon lights and lasers. Further, a machined recoil buffer helps to dramatically increase this firearm’s durability while reducing felt recoil for improved accuracy and quicker follow-up shots. What’s more, the aggressive front and backstrap checkering provides improved ergonomics and gives shooters a sure grip while a beveled magazine well allows for easier reloading.

What is a recoil buffer?

A recoil buffer is a factory-installed or aftermarket component of firearms that helps to reduce felt recoil to improve the user’s accuracy and allow for faster follow-up shots. The most popular example of a recoil buffer is the AR-15. The recoil buffer system consists of the spring and the buffer itself. When you fire the firearm, the bolt carrier group (BCG) is pushed back by the gases released from firing the cartridge to help cycle the next round. The buffer system catches the BCG and helps slow it down to help mitigate recoil. The same idea happens with the Beretta 96. The integrated buffer system helps to mitigate recoil from the gases that are expelled when firing a shot and from the slide moving backward to load another round.

Why choose the Beretta 96?

When it comes to a SA/DA, you can’t go wrong with the Beretta 96. Chambered in .40 S&W with a built-in Picatinny rail and superior ergonomics, this pistol is perfect for concealed-carry or as a duty weapon for law-enforcement. Pick up a few extra Beretta 96 magazines from GunMag Warehouse today and enjoy more time at the range with fewer reloads. We offer a large selection of factory and aftermarket Beretta 96 magazines from trusted manufacturers, including ProMag®, Mec-Gar®, and more. Shop our full collection today!