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Beretta 92 Type L Carry Magazines

About the Beretta 92 Type L Carry Pistol
The Beretta® 92 Type L Carry is a compact, concealed-carry version of the famed Beretta 92 pistol, built around a unique open-slide, SA/DA design. Regarded as one of the most reliable double-stack semi-auto pistols in the world, the Beretta 92 is a short recoil, semi-auto pistol, featuring a full-steel alloy frame and open-top slide, engineered to withstand heavy use and abuse in dusty, wet, sandy, and other corrosive environments. Further, the Type I Carry pistol utilizes a durable 13-round double-stack magazine with a reversible magazine release for dependable operation with both right- and left-handed shooters.

The Beretta 92 Type L also features multiple internal safeties, including a firing pin block that prevents the firing pin from moving or striking cartridge primers without the trigger being pulled, and a firing pin striker, engineered to rotate and disengage when the safety lever is engaged to prevent the firing pin from making contact with primers, even if the hammer falls, for safe, confident carry with a round in the chamber for quick deployment and enhanced reliability. The ambidextrous external safety lever offers simple control with both left and right-handed users for superior versatility and reliable field service in any environment.

What’s the Standard Magazine Capacity of the Beretta 92 Type L Carry Pistol?
The standard magazine capacity for the Beretta 92 Type L Carry is 13 rounds. However, there is a multitude of factory and aftermarket California-compliant magazines available. Plus, with the fame and widespread ownership of Beretta pistols, there are tons of aftermarket high-capacity magazines available, including so-called “high-capacity” magazines available from reputable manufacturers such as ProMag®, Mec-Gar®, and more.

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