FNH FNS-9 Compact 9mm 12-Round Magazine


FNH FNS-9 Compact 9mm 12-Round Magazine


SKU: 66478-20


  • Manufacturer: FNH

  • Gun Model: Fits all FNS-9 Compact pistol models

  • Caliber: 9 mm

  • Capacity: 12 Rounds

  • Color: Black electroless nickel finish

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This is a factory 9mm 12-round magazine for compact FNS 9 pistols.

Trusted by police all over America, the FNS combines classic Browning-inspired design with a lightweight polymer frame to deliver an affordable and trustworthy pistol that fits the needs of today’s buyers. But if you want to get the most out of your FNS pistol, you’ve got to stick with factory magazines …

These compact 12-round magazines deliver serious firepower in a stainless steel package, with the same tough polymer baseplate and low-friction follower as you see in full-size FN FNS magazines.

Grab a few spare magazines for your FN FNS 9 compact pistol today, and remember to rotate your carry/loaded magazines on a regular basis.