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Tikka: From Humble Beginnings to World-Class Rifles

Tikkakoski (abbreviated to “Tikka”) is a Finnish company that made an early name for themselves in consumer products like sewing machines, but then found their true calling during the Second World War broke out and they began manufacturing firearms.

It started with the M27 rifle, the legendary Finnish rebuild of the Mosin-Nagant rifle which massively upgraded the weapon’s accuracy and reliability.

Just a few years later, they began manufacturing the classic Suomi KP/-31 and Maxim M/09-21. Throughout World War II they’d continue producing these weapons along with ammunition and machine gun barrels for the war effort.

After the end of the conflict, the factory and its assets were seized by Russia, only to be bought back by Finnish businessmen in 1957. In the following decades they made a name for themselves before eventually being purchased by their longtime competitor SAKO.

It was only after the purchase that Tikka would release their most acclaimed rifle yet; the Tikka T3, which started production in 2006. The T3 has earned a reputation for uncompromising quality and pinpoint long-range accuracy at an impressive price.

Trusted by top civilian shooters along with the Canadian Rangers and the French National Police, Tikka’s T3 family of rifles deliver next-level performance at a fraction of the price of a custom rifle.

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