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Springfield Armory Magazines

Springfield Armory Magazines

Springfield Armory: The First Name in American Firearms

Springfield Armory, Inc. combines heritage and history with modern innovation to deliver some of the best American firearms that money can buy.

Founded in 1974 to rescue the driving philosophy and storied name of America’s oldest arsenal—which was established under General George Washington’s authority during the Revolutionary War—Springfield Armory Inc. is dedicated to producing quality firearms and accessories.

Springfield Armory has produced the first civilian-made M14 rifle (the M1A) along with some of America’s finest custom-quality 1911 pistols, and experimental designs like the 9mm Springfield Enhanced Micro Pistol (EMP).

Since 2002, Springfield has been offering upgraded versions of the imported Croation HS2000 pistol re-branded as the XD (X-Treme Duty) line.

From the XD and XD Mod 2.0 series to the single-stack XD(S) and hammer-fired XD(E), Springfield’s modern combat pistols offer a wide variety of different features and configurations to suit your personal needs and taste.

Springfield XD pistols offer superior modularity, enhanced ergonomics, and a wide variety of desirable features and options. Removable magazine sleeves allow for interchangeablity between full-size and compact pistols.

It’s important to note that NOT ALL XD magazines are interchangeable. Springfield XDS pistols feature a slim single-stack design that won’t work with other XD pistols.

At the higher end of the spectrum, Springfield’s custom shop offers a variety of competition-ready firearms like the professional and TRP Operator 1911 pistols. Fine-tuned by master gunsmiths, Springfield Custom pistols are a work of art and some of the finest firearms on the market today.

From stainless steel XD magazines to classic M1A box magazines, Springfield products are designed to meet the highest standards for quality and reliability.

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