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Magpul Magazines

Magpul Magazines

Magpul: Combat Magazines & Accessories

Founded in 1999 by Marine Corps Recon Sgt. Richard M. Fitzpatrick, Magpul has become one of the most successful innovators in the firearms industry today—engineering and manufacturing some of the market’s most popular magazines and accessories.

The company’s name comes from the product it was originally started to sell; the Magpul, a basic handle that attaches to magazines and makes for easier handling and reloading under stress.

Just a few years later, the company began experimenting with polymer magazines for rifles … developing a lightweight mag with the same reliability as a traditional USGI steel magazine, and enhanced durability thanks to the crush/impact-proof plastic. Thus the PMAG was born.  

Today’s cutting-edge Gen M3 & MOE PMAGs come with the newest features and improvements, delivering world-class quality at a price that’s hard to beat. That’s why they’re being adopted by Military & Law Enforcement Agencies including the U.S. Marines, Air Force and Army.

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