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KCI Magazines

KCI Magazines

KCI: High-Quality South Korean Import Magazines at Outrageous Prices

KCI Korean magazines have been imported and re-branded by companies like Polymaggs and SGM Tactical—but you get the best value when buying straight from the source…

With everything from extended Glock magazines to P90 mags, pistol drum mags and even 20-round steel “Tanker” AK mags, KCI produces a little bit of something for everyone; all at prices that are tough to beat.

Most of our KCI products are highly-reviewed, with a variety of extended mags available at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for factory extended magazines.

KCI magazines are great “beaters” for heavy-use situations. So if you’re planning some rough combat drills, or ranging out into tough environments, then look no further.

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